Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Better 2014 - Health

My final promise to myself for 2014 is to improve my health and general well being.  Whilst I am lucky enough to be in good health I could treat my body a whole lot better.  I have taken a break from dieting and moaning about my weight but that doesn't mean I am going to sit back doing nothing.  We have a home gym and it is about time I started using it.

SportsShoes started their Fashionably Fit campaign following the outrage Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir caused when she criticised singer Katherine Jenkins for running the marathon in full make up.  They contacted to see if I would like to join their campaign to help with my motivation this winter.  There is nothing like a cute new gym kit to help you find that motivation.  Nike make up around 95% of my gym kit so I was thrilled to be able to add some new bits including this long sleeved top and bottoms.  We do not heat our gym so it is pretty chilly come winter which means I need to get on with it to warm up.  There is nothing like pulling on new kit to help spur you on, I definitely work harder when I have something nice but functional to wear.

Hat*    |    Crew Top*

I have also got a couple of pieces ready for the summer, I went for a pair of brightly coloured shorts and a matching cropped bra top.  They will be perfect for when the summer comes. 

 Sports Bra*   |   Shorts*

I have seen loads of 'be pretty on rest days' type slogans around and personally I think you should be pretty whenever you damn want.  If I want to wear make up to the gym then I will wear make up and who are you to tell me otherwise.  I'm with you on this one Katherine!



  1. I sometimes run in makeup. I some times don't. It depends really, if I've put makeup on before working out then I don't take it off. I'm just lazy. I'd probably run in my PJs if it was socially acceptable.

    It's great you got some new kit to help you! I need to get my ass in gear, I was supposed to get back into running and cycling but I've been out a total of three times so far this year. Pants. The home gym makes me green, if you're not using it, send me the treadmill!

    Corinne x

  2. Those shorts are SUCH a fab colour! I try and wear bright gym wear, it makes something quite dreary WAY more fun!

    Maria xxx

  3. Agreed! If someone wants to wear make up and run..or jump..or do whatever surely that's their prerogative!! At least they are doing something...unlike me!!

  4. Loving the sports gear! Deffo see you coming in the summer!

  5. This is awesome. Have you also seen the other Nike long sleeve knit running tops as well in purple - love them! It's actually quite sensible to run in make up, not least for the SPF and if you don't feel great in your gym clothes you'll never go!

  6. Great post!
    I work out about 2 times a week and always wear makeup to the gym, I don't see why not!

    Love Emma xx

  7. I don't really have "proper" gym wear, I usually team a pair of colourful tracksuit trousers with an old band tshirt or somehing, as I have loads of those which would otherwise never get worn and I hate spending money on things like gym wear which is only going to get gross and sweaty. I never wear make up on any days, rest or otherwise, but that "be pretty on rest days" thing does my head in a little.


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