Friday, 31 January 2014


A few weeks ago I hotfooted it down to London to take part in a swap shop organised by the accessallasos team.  Other than the main swapping event there was plenty of time to chat to other insiders, eat lots of scrummy food and find out more about asos marketplace.  We also listened to really inspiring talks from two successful marketplace sellers including the lovely Amy from Mod Dolly.  It was great to meet the face behind the brand and to hear about her journey so far with Mod Dolly.  Everyone was really well behaved, no trampling or pushing and from what I heard everyone got the items they really wanted.  Lauren picked up one of my old dresses and doesn't it look great on her.

Unfortunately many people who said they were going to attend didn't show (really bad form guys!) which meant that there wasn't anything that either fitted me or took my fancy.  I did bag some ace menswear for Gray and the event itself was fab so I left with a smile on my face regardless.  The accessallasos team were however not happy and surprised me with an email telling me that I could pick any three asos branded items as a way of apology!  It was totally not needed but who I am to turn down such an offer?!  Thank you so much guys!!

I took a day or so to get over the shock and make my choices, there are just so many amazing items it was hard to make a decision.  I didn't struggle over this dress though, I had featured it in that weeks wishlist and it was definitely right at the top of my wishlist.  I was drawn to the splashes of yellow along with the shape and of course the sleeves.  I did think I would be taking it up as soon as it arrived but to my surprise I actually really like the length on me, I think it works because it is nicely fitted on the top.  I kept everything else toned down including black shoes to help me look sleek and steer away from any frumpy potential.  It must have worked because I felt elegant and lady like especially when teamed with my Ted Baker coat.  Who would have thought!

Dress: asos*
Shoes: Clarks

Asos are still accepting new insiders so if you haven't yet applied make sure you do so here


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Summer Lovin'

I am never usually as excited for Spring/Summer as I am this year.  I have always been an Autumn/Winter kinda girl, I love layering and being able to wear tights and cardigans.  I also usually prefer the colours and fabrics but this season is looking fabulous!  Laura Ashley sent over a copy of their lookbook and I thought I would have a little look and think, yeah that's nice.  Instead I opened it and thought 'oh I need that' 'and that' 'ooooh look at that!'  I couldn't help it, they have pulled it out of the bag and totally turned my head.

I am loving gingham at the moment and can't decide which of these dresses I need the most. I am thinking maybe BOTH!  I love how chunky the gingham is.  I would probably ditch the belt, the gathered waistband looks like it would nip in the waist nicely anyway and either colour would look amazing with my new shoes.

Nautical often gets over done for Spring/Summer, it's almost as if stores feel like they have to regurgitate the same tired trend each season.  Thankfully Laura Ashley have different ideas, yep their dresses may feature boats and anchors but they feel fresh.  And I need them.  Notice a trend yet?! Haha.  I love the stamp dress too, the quirky print is really cute and I love the square neckline

I saved the best til last.  I absolutely adore EVERYTHING about this dress.  It is totally perfect and I think you will all need it.  I really don't need to say anymore about it.  SWOON.

I believe these dresses are available at the end of March/beginning of April and all retail at £85.  Now let's all form an orderly queue.


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday Wants

Whilst I do love a quirky print simple staples make up the basis of my wardrobe.  I am dotty for spots, stripes, checks and sweeter than sweet gingham.  I am currently dreaming of a yellow chunky gingham cotton which I will be hunting down when I go fabric shopping at the weekend.  I've been looking for a yellow gingham dress since falling for yellow last summer but thanks to Kristabel my longing has deepened. Kristabel gives me such dress envy!  Seeing sneak peeks of upcoming collections such as the chunky gingham beauties from Laura Ashley and this beautiful Tara Starlet skirt is making me impatient to get my hands on all the gingham!  Not much has filtered on to the high street in the form of dresses yet but it's coming! In the mean time I am making do with my two favourite gingham dresses, perfection!

Why do you keep doing this to me Modcloth?! Having to pay import duties really does suck but it is not stopping this dress taking the top spot on my wishlist.  So adorable!  Please open a UK warehouse this year :)

Dress: Modcloth

Not all gingham needs to be pastel or black and white as this gorgeous Antipodium dress shows.  I have had this in my saved items waiting for it to go in to the sale but alas it is still full price.  I usually remove belts from dresses but think this one finishes the dress off perfectly.  I love how full skirted it is and the length is just right.  It also comes in black and white if that's more your thing.

This little tie front shirt is currently on its way to me.  I am thinking it will be perfect with a full skirt for summer or even instead of a cardi over a little strappy dress.  It will also look amazing with a pair of cigarette pants not that you'll ever see me in a pair of them! 

 Shirt: Topshop

What prints are you drawn to right now?


Monday, 27 January 2014

Time For Tea

Have you seen Cath Kidston's Spring Summer range?! OMG.  If you haven't you need to!  It is full of gorgeously quirky prints in super flattering shapes.  I really need this teapot cardigan plus several of the other dresses and don't even get me started on the safari print, I cannot wait to see that collection in full!  I popped into my local store to see if they had any of the things that caught my eye and came out with this beautiful tea cup print dress.  I am not great with button up dresses, I find that buttons often gape but thankfully I don't have any issues with this beauty.  It is a little loose around the waist but I think that's the style of the dress.  This dress really pleases me! haha. 

Dress: Cath Kidston

I'm off work til Tuesday and have had a long weekend of treats and pampering as it was my birthday yesterday.  I got my sewing machine and took it straight out of the box and put it in it's new home, eeeek!  I have started putting my sewing area together already, I really can't wait to get started.  I'm thinking I need to get a cluster of candles and a cosy blanket to keep me snuggly whilst spending my evenings at the sewing machine.  Now who wants to make me a cup of tea? I've got biscuits!


Friday, 24 January 2014

Sunny Delight

No your eyes are not deceiving you... I am bare legged in winter and I have SHAVED MY LEGS for the occasion! haha.  What has caused this silly behaviour you ask?  Well that will be Mozimo's fault.  They saw me moaning about it being cold and dark and challenged me to make like it's summer and get my legs out!  I still had to put a fluffy jumper on though, I am not that crazy.

I can't wear anything with a toe bar so these cute FitFlops are perfect for me.  I already own a pair of enclosed toe FitFlops and if you have ever tried them you will know how comfy they are.  I can't vouch for their leg toning abilities as I haven't monitored that but they do get top marks for comfort from me.

I have teamed my sandals with a cute skirt I bought in the Poppy sample sale.  The fabric is hand drawn and printed in the UK and is covered in jars of sweets!! Aptly from the sweet shop range I think you will agree it is pretty bloody adorable.  Think I need to stick some tights on next time I wear it though... brrrr!

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Poppy
FitFlips: Mozimo*

I am having a day off today and am enjoying a relaxing day getting ready for my birthday on Sunday.  I am being treated to a massage, having lunch with my Mum and Tate, getting my hair coloured and going to friends for dinner.  And I cannot wait!  Having time off with lots of fun plans is much welcome.  What ever you are doing this weekend - enjoy it!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Better 2014 - Health

My final promise to myself for 2014 is to improve my health and general well being.  Whilst I am lucky enough to be in good health I could treat my body a whole lot better.  I have taken a break from dieting and moaning about my weight but that doesn't mean I am going to sit back doing nothing.  We have a home gym and it is about time I started using it.

SportsShoes started their Fashionably Fit campaign following the outrage Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir caused when she criticised singer Katherine Jenkins for running the marathon in full make up.  They contacted to see if I would like to join their campaign to help with my motivation this winter.  There is nothing like a cute new gym kit to help you find that motivation.  Nike make up around 95% of my gym kit so I was thrilled to be able to add some new bits including this long sleeved top and bottoms.  We do not heat our gym so it is pretty chilly come winter which means I need to get on with it to warm up.  There is nothing like pulling on new kit to help spur you on, I definitely work harder when I have something nice but functional to wear.

Hat*    |    Crew Top*

I have also got a couple of pieces ready for the summer, I went for a pair of brightly coloured shorts and a matching cropped bra top.  They will be perfect for when the summer comes. 

 Sports Bra*   |   Shorts*

I have seen loads of 'be pretty on rest days' type slogans around and personally I think you should be pretty whenever you damn want.  If I want to wear make up to the gym then I will wear make up and who are you to tell me otherwise.  I'm with you on this one Katherine!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday Wants

Sunflowers make you happy right?!  These summery blooms have certainly put a smile on my face.  It is a pretty clever dress too, you can detach the top from the skirt! Endless possibilities.

Dress: asos

Char linked me to this chevron delight yesterday and it is in my basket waiting for me to check it out.  It is so beautiful, I love the way the print graduates and the colour is lovely.  I also like the spotty version but the chevrons need to be mine.

 Dress: Florence & Fred

The cut of this striped asos dress is absolutely perfect, they really thought about the placement of the stripes and how to make the dress as flattering as possible.  So cute!

Dress: asos

What's on your wishlist this week?


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Better 2014 - Time

Time keeping has never been my strong point.  It drives my Dad mad, I am never really late but usually rock up 5-15 minutes after the agreed time and this has to stop!  The mad rush when I realise I am going to be late but still have to put my shoes and coat on and find my keys before I leave the house is not the one.  I want to turn this around and become the person who is always early and never gets all flustered and red faced from rushing around.  Bed is far too hard to get out of!

Links of London dropped me a line to see if I had made any resolutions so I told them about my tardiness with time keeping and that in 2014 I will be on time.  I was told a little surprise was on it's way to help me along and it turned out they told me a little porkie. It was not a little surprise but a big fat massive surprise.  I had no idea what was going to be in the box and excitedly opened it before I had chance to take any photographs (Yeah you can tell I tied that bow!) I could not believe what was inside, an absolutely beautiful diver watch.  Wowzers.

 Watch: Links Of London*

The watch has a gorgeous black crocodile effect leather strap with a white face which makes it really easy to read at a glance.  I love the Roman numerals and the fact it also has a date function which is a new little gadget to me.  The bold round stainless steel case has a timeless look to it.  I have checked the time more often than usual since wearing it, it is lovely to look at.  I don't wear silver very often but have made an exception for this beautiful watch. 

A big thank you to Links, I promise I will be on time this year, thank you for your wonderful gift to help make sure I have no excuses!  And those that have the misfortune of seeing my face this year, I promise to be on time!!


Monday, 20 January 2014

Bike Stripes

I first spotted this print on the etail instagram feed at Pure and knew as soon as it was available I had to make it mine.  I love Sugarhill Boutique and am always excited to see their latest hand drawn designs.  There are some amazing prints again this season, their lookbook is filled full of pretty dresses that you just know are going to end up in my wardrobe.

This one is definitely my favourite, the cute bikes combined with the grey and blush pink stripes make it totally adorable.  I think you guys love it just as much as I do judging by the reaction to my instagram.  It is now available to purchase here, what are you waiting for?!  The fabric is silky to touch and I think looks great layered and worn right now, who wants to wait for the weather to warm up?!  It's described as a smock but it is defo not one of those oversized ultra unflattering smocks, oh no!  It is more of a loose skater dress that still has a bit of waist definition but allows you to eat all the cake.  Yeah baby!

Dress: Sugarhill Boutique*
Cardigan: Primark

Just look at the print!  A little dog is perched on the back of one of the bikes, with flowers and groceries filling the baskets of others.  It's almost wanting me to go purchase a cute little vintage bike of my own.  I say almost as I certainly haven't been able to forget how much the saddles hurt!!

This is how I have been layering it to make it weather appropriate,  as well as my favourite tights and cardi combo I been rocking it with my newest coat and my apple bag.  It even bought out the sun yesterday as you can tell from my squinting!


The Brit Pack Giveaway

Today I'm happy to be co hosting an amazing 'bloggers give back' give-away hosted by myself and what we are affectionately calling ourselves 'The Brit Pack'.


10 Fabulous British Bloggers have all rounded up together to give one lucky winner a spending spree at ASOS with a £100 gift voucher. Its our way of starting the 2014 off with a bang, and also as a big THANK YOU to all of you who read and follow and comment on our blogs week after week.

The Brit Pack are some of Britain's finest bloggers. Every single one is worth getting to know! So in good old fashioned Blighty style, grab a cup of tea and take a moment to check out their links, find some new favourites, and enter away!


The competition will run for 10 days and is open internationally. Winner will be emailed an asos gift voucher with an e-code worth £100 (approx $160 at current exchange rate) and announced on the rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Better 2014 - Vision

Whilst I haven't made any real New Years resolutions I have made several promises to be better to myself which includes making a few small tweaks that will enhance my life.  One of the promises I have made may seem a little strange to some of you - I have promised to wear my contact lenses less and to spend more time with my glasses.  Wearing contact lenses means I get my eyes checked annually and whilst my eyes are currently healthy I get a warning from my optician each year that I spend too much time with the little disks of plastic stuck to my eyeballs.  I wear them on average for 16-18 hours a day usually 7 days a week.  Having previously suffered from iritus due to over wear I need to stop being complacent and start taking better care of my eyes.  After all damaging my vision is potentially life changing.  I can't even begin to imagine what life after losing your sight is like.

The reason I don't wear my glasses more often is simple - comfort.  I find glasses get in the way of things like lounging around, lying on your side reading a book is no longer as enjoyable.  Walking in to the warmth leaves you with steamy lenses and don't even get me started on rain!  But these are minor irritations in the grand scheme.  I know that for the most comfortable fit I need a plastic rim, the little nose bits on metal rims always dig in.  I also know that oval frames suit my face shape and with that in mind I have put together a little wishlist and will soon be typing in my prescription and treating myself to a shiny new pair.

These ones are pretty similar to my current out-dated prescription pair, I rarely deviate from this shape and usually end up with either tortoise shell or black rims.  These rims look more red than my current brown base pair, very cool!

I really like the look of this pair, classic tortoise shell and still in an oval shape I know will work with my face shape.  These ones scream sexy secretary to me, always a winner!!

I love the floral detail of these frames by Icy, how cute!  An absolute bargain at only £24 including prescription lenses.

Finally I love these bright red ones though I would never have the balls to wear them myself as actual glasses.  Stick some tinted lenses in them and it's a different story, they would make rather fab prescription sunglasses don't you think?!

I will share my next little promise with you later in the week, it might even benefit a few of you guys! haha.


*Post in collaboration with SCLO*

Friday, 17 January 2014

Submarine Spots

The devil on my shoulder (the littlest Dinosaur) told me that the lovely Boden dress I was swooning over had gone in their sale.  £129 was too steep but £38?! Yes please.  The reviews are as helpful as ever, it's tiny, it's large etc etc - thanks for being absolutely no help whatsoever.  As it's wool I decided to size up and am kinda regretting that decision.  The dress isn't too bad when I have my arms down but the moment I stick my hands on my hips (I do that all the time ;) ) then it is obvious that it is too big.  I am hoping taking it in at the darts will help though I will still wear it even if it isn't altered.

I thought that the burgundy colour choice was my favourite til this one arrived, the colour is so lovely and co-ordinates with my shed well.  Hehe.   It's such a lovely shape and the wool drapes beautifully.  A total steal at the sale price.  If the others get reduced too then they are just going to have to find their way to my wardrobe too.

Dress: Boden

I have a pretty busy weekend ahead, I'm getting my nails done (they lasted three weeks, still look great apart from the expected regrowth) I am picking up my new Emily and Fin dress then I have cakes to bake for a certain little boys first birthday and a night out to celebrate the birthday of one of my besties.  Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to :)


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