Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tweet, Tweet

Whilst at the Clothes Show with Echo Falls I took the opportunity to get a few photos of my outfit snapped.  The lighting was really weird though, the strange bluey glow is actually Gemma's shadow!  We hid ourselves away from the many inquisitive eyes round the back of the Echo Falls wine bar.  I might post photos of myself on the internet but that does not mean I enjoy being watched whilst having the photos taken!  I think people were trying to work out who we were as we had passes and were being looked after by Echo Falls, they would have been disappointed to find out we are not famous, haha.

This is the third Vanity Project dress I have shared recently and I honestly cannot decide which is my favourite!  They are all the same flattering cut but different, very awesome prints.  They feel like they were custom made for me and clearly need at least seven so I can wear a different one every day of the week.  I must not get obsessed, I must not get obsessed... too late I think!  This one is next on my wishlist.  As I knew I would be spending a fair bit of time on my feet (the bits when I wasn't lounging around in the Echo Falls wine bar!) I went for my cobalt blue chorus voice shoes from Clarks.  I have owned a black version of these for around a year and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes I own.  The colour is amazing, a real pop of bright blue which nicely matched some of the birds on my dress.  I finished the outfit off with a blue necklace I picked up from eBay.  The listing has been updated since, I paid under $6 for mine!!  I really, really love this outfit.

Shoes: Clarks
Necklace: eBay   Alternative: eBay



  1. your necklace is such a beautiful shade, looks perfect with the dress x

  2. What a lovely unique dress! Love the combination. x

  3. Lovely dress, it's beautiful. It's out of my price range sadly.

  4. Beautiful print! Love it with the cobalt shoes too.


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