Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Clothes Show 2013

The Clothes Show celebrated it's 25th anniversary this year!  I can't believe it has been running for so long, a massive achievement I am sure you'll agree.  Echo Falls put the fizz into fashion at the Clothes Show Live again this year.  Their wine bar is the best place to chill and have a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the show.  Oh and the toilets nearby were pretty much undiscovered so no hours (yep that's right, hours!) wasted queuing for the loo!  Chilling with a glass of pink sparkles and chatting with some of the lovely bloggers also attending was a definite highlight for me.  It's not often I get the chance to catch up without having to travel miles to do it, it was lovely that it was almost on my door step.  Despite the train being completely packed thankfully the show wasn't as busy on Sunday as we were told it was on the Saturday - there were still lots and lots of people but it didn't feel as manic. 

I managed to pick up a few bargains too, I got a Kate Spade iPhone 5 case for £10!!  I paid £25 for my last one which they also had for sale.  The beauty buys were as amazing as ever, Models Own were offering £65 worth of products for £10 and there was lots of noise around Clarins products at bargain prices which had unfortunately sold out when we visited on the Sunday.  I also bought a couple of dresses from the Asos Marketplace too, more on that in another post! The Asos Graduate Marketplace was of more interest to me than most of the other clothing stalls, the items on offer were more to my taste and way more unusual than the majority of stalls which were more like market stalls - think everything for £10 or the same Christmas jumpers on numerous stalls.  I would love to see more of the little independents and upcoming designers at The Clothes Show, to me helping to launch new starters is what something like The Clothes Show should be all about. 

We took the opportunity to pose in front of the Echo Falls/WIWT wall, it had to be done!  Watch out for a post on my outfit later.  As always thanks for having me Echo Falls, you are a fabulous host.  Did you visit the Clothes Show this year?  What were your highlights?



  1. Awwh fab post Sarah, you look banging. OMG AT KATE SPADE FOR £10 THOUGH! Picture please :) x

  2. I can't believed i missed the Kate Spade phone case!! I went for a couple of days and loved it! xo

  3. Ah I wish I could have seen you guys :(

    Maria xxx


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