Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to Afternoon Tea with Next at Brown's hotel.  It was fabulous and so very festive.  We tucked into little sandwiches, yummy cakes and scones before playing pass the parcel followed by a bit of festive crafting.  Perfect.

We all had a festive hat to wear, I got the coolest one - ELF!!   Am so going to wear this all the time.

We got to decorate our own Christmas tree baubles, which was fab!  Wanting to play it safe and end up with baubles that would actually make it on the tree I kept it simple and added our names to my baubles along with a snowflake and a star.  They are already hanging proud on the Christmas tree.

We also got a gingerbread man to ice! I love anything food related so this was right up my street.  I decided to turn mine into a gingerbread santa and think he looks pretty festive.  Gray enjoyed biting his legs off when I got home.  What a meanie!

I also finally got to meet Victoria!  We didn't realise we were both going to the same event til that day which made it even more exciting, so much love for this girl. 

I had time to do a spot of shopping with Rosie too and bought this beauty with the help of the vouchers from Mr Jangles.  Such a lovely day, if all Monday's were like this it would be my favourite day of the week.  Rosie kindly snapped some photos of my outfit for me too, thanks love!  Just wish we could have stayed longer in London, time always seems to fly by.  Next time I am totally going to book somewhere to stay with Venere

This is Christmas dress one of three.  I totally needed three Christmas dresses, right?!  This style of dress by Vanity Project is called the day dress, it is the same as my popcorn print one and the cut and fit is just amazing.  I feel like a million dollars in them and want every single print.  This poinsettia print is a more subtle nod to Christmas than the other dresses I have bought but still fabulously festive.     

Shoes: Clarks

Thank you so much for having me Next, I had a ball!



  1. Ah Sarah you look absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love your dress, this even looks so fun! Especially the afternoon tea- that looks so good!


  3. Awww I wish I could have made it, looks like lots of my fave bloggers went along! Hope you had a fab time :) xxx

  4. I really love this dress! I think it might even suit my figure which most never do. Damn the price!

  5. Haha - that hat is amazing.
    What's so Christmassy about your dress, though? It's just flowers :P

  6. Beautiful dress! That event definitely looked so fun! Great blog post :-)

  7. Ahh looks like a great day, and I love your dress!! Plus those desserts look amazing. I'd want to go just for those, ha! :)


  8. This looks like such a fun event. Love your dress! x

  9. That Vanity Project dress is stunning! The shape really suits you.
    Next seems to have hosted a super fun event, I'm loving your gingerbread santa :)

    Christy x
    Another Weekend Without Make-up

  10. Amazing! The dress & the event, just amazing!
    Looks like such a great day and I LOVE that hat! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  11. What size is dress? I am about to order one but want to make sure it fits correctly. Is there a zipper in the back or stretch to it?

    1. There is a zip at the back but zero stretch. I'm a size 12 and am wearing a 14. Hope that helps.


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