Sunday, 1 December 2013

Next Home Blogger Styling Tips

I love Next homeware.  Their accessories can be found in every room of my home, each new collection is better than the last and I can't resist buying a few pretties, they are too cute to leave in store on a shelf.  They need to be at home being loved!  Next have asked a few bloggers to share some interior styling tips.  Mine are pretty simple

Tip One - Add Some Sunshine

I am sure like me you have a few blank walls in need of something cheery, this huge canvas has totally transformed my stairway by adding a splash of sunshine to an otherwise dull space.  Perfect

Tip Two - Smell Christmas

Candles only really come out in my house at Christmas, I prefer perfume diffusers the rest of the year to provide a continuous fresh scent.  I love the way the warm glow combines with the Christmas scent of this candle and creates a real sense of Christmas. 


Tip Three - Get Festive

Christmas doesn't have to be all tacky tinsel and gawdy baubles.  This Christmas bunting is a great way to get festive whilst remaining true to your style.  I do love a tasteful Christmas and this year tartan will be featuring heavily.

What are your top styling tips?  I am putting the rest of my Christmas decorations up today and I am far too excited.  We haven't put up any decorations for the last two years but as my family are coming over for Christmas this year we really needed to make the effort so have gone all out.  Not as far as outside decorations mind, haha!  I really need to get a crack on and sort out some artwork for our living room, it is going to feel really bare after Christmas when it's time to take down the decorations.   Let me know if you have seen any fab prints that will work with our orange and grey theme.


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