Friday, 20 December 2013

Independent Retailers: Vanity Project by Limb

In the latter part of this year I made a vow to do my bit and buy clothes and accessories that have been handmade in the UK when possible.  In doing so I have discovered many independent retailers who offer something a bit different to the generic high street.  Timeless dresses in quirky prints that will not date or go out of fashion all carefully handmade by someone you know will not have been subjected to sweat shop conditions.

Barclaycard got in touch asking if I would like to take part in their campaign by promoting my favourite independent retailer.  The hardest bit was deciding which of the amazing brands I have purchased from this year would get my vote, I decided to go for a company that made their own products rather than a reseller which helped to narrow the choice down.  In the end I went for a recent discovery, Vanity Project made by Limb.  My love affair started when I spotted the popcorn dress on a resellers website.  Once it arrived I checked out the manufacturer and found they had their own website with lots and lots of pretty dresses and knew I needed more. 

Poinsettia   |   Birds   |   Popcorn

My favourite style of their dresses is the day dress which is the style shown in the above photo, I have purchased and shared another two dresses since the popcorn dress caught my eye.  Told you they are pretty special!  As part of the campaign Barclaycard kindly gave me £50 to spend at my chosen retailer.  I put this towards my latest purchase, the day dress in an amazing peacock print.  The colours are so rich and opulent and I love the gold thread running through, really adds to the glamour. 

Shoes: Clarks

I love that you can order any of the styles shown in any of the available fabrics, so many times I've seen a fabric I love in a collection but on a dress style that wouldn't suit me so will never be mine.  Limb also have a showroom in Manchester which looks like a total treasure trove, I hope to visit at some point and have a good stroke of the fabrics!

This post is part of a Barclaycard Freedom Rewards campaign highlighting amazing independent retailers.  Spread the love this Christmas, let me know your favourite independent retailer and what makes them so ace.



  1. This is such a lovely post, I love the last dress on your it brings out your hair!
    I definitely want to do the same as you next year as the dresses you find are always amazing!
    Gemma x

  2. These dresses are beyond stunning, that shape is just SO flattering! I need them all! Especially loving the bird print one :)


  3. They are all stunning on you, love the last one, it looks amazing! Love it with those blue shoes.xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. Oh wow! Such amazing dresses!

    Emma x

  5. Ah i'm loving your new direction Sarah although my bank account is not. Longer lengths all the way!

  6. the last dress is amaaaaaaaaaaaazeballs! looks gorgey on you!!! xxxx

  7. Ooh those are gorgeous dresses - will definitely be checking this indie out!


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