Monday, 16 December 2013

Duck And Duffel

I am so, so excited to finally be able to share this dress with you!  It has been a long time coming, let me briefly explain...

For our second wedding anniversary Gray wanted to stick with tradition and buy me something made of cotton.  He didn't want to choose an off the peg dress that I would wear a few times, he wanted something custom made that I would cherish forever.  I had seen the Duck and Duffel Audrey dress on Emily and fallen in love with it but knew that the smock style wouldn't flatter me.  Reading that Debbie makes each dress to order I contacted her to see if she would custom make me a dress.  I wanted a mash up of Audrey and the Betty dress - the collar from Audrey but waisted like Betty with a knee length skirt.  And of course with the bow belt from Betty.  I do love a bow!  I also wanted the mini camera fabric which is what caused the delay.  Unable to find fabrics she really loves Debbie designs her own and has them printed in America, this time of the year shipping is anything but quick but it was well worth the wait. 

The dress arrived on Saturday so I saved it's debut for Sunday best.  I decided to keep it simple and opt for a thin black cropped cardigan and my cute Clarks shoe boots so not to detract from the dress.  I did accessorise with my red felt heart brooch.  Well I had to really didn't I?!  For those who do not know I made heart brooches instead of corsages for all of our wedding guests and this one was pinned to the bow on the back of my dress.  I absolutely cherish it and think it adds the perfect finishing to the collar of my wedding anniversary dress.  Sentimental fool ;)  The dress fits like a dream and the finish is outstanding, it's fully lined and totally perfect.

Cardigan: asos
Shoes: Clarks

I'm looking forward to finding out what Gray has planned for our third wedding anniversary, I'm in line for a leather treat!! Thank you so much for creating me the perfect dress Debbie, I really appreciate the work gone in to creating this one off. 



  1. oh wow, that dress is so cute! I am loving the print! xo

  2. It looks perfect - the best bits of each dress, together!! :)
    And yay for the hearts!

  3. What a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous Sarah! x

  4. This is such an amazing dress and you look absolutely gorgeous here!

    Maria xxx

  5. The dress ia perfect in every way. Looks gorgeous on you x

  6. This dress is definitely my favourite you have ever posted, in fact the outfit is my idea of perfect-genuinely. The print, the shape, the bow, the heart, the collar!!! NEEEEED! x

  7. What a beautiful idea for the traditional 'cotton' gift. The dress has turned out gorgeous too!


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