Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas - A Practice Run

I am not sure if I am fully ready for the responsibility of cooking Christmas dinner for my family, ooh the pressure!  Having a husband who likes to rate his roast dinners out of 10 and a brother in law who is pretty good in the kitchen himself is adding to the pressure.  My Mum will tell me it is all wonderful even if I burn the yorkshire puddings and under cook the carrots, god bless Mum's!   With this in mind Gray and I decided we needed to have a practice run so invited a few friends around to have a mock Christmas dinner (ie a Sunday Roast!)

We learnt a few things... lower the shelf in the top oven otherwise the yorkshires will hit the roof and burn, they turned out to be MONSTERS!  That the meat will continue cooking after you have removed it from the oven so what was medium-rare will end up being medium-well. And finally that even when you think there is not enough there is more than plenty.  The meat was kindly supplied by Country Valley Foods and was absolutely delicious!  A little card in the delivery told me that the beef is sourced from a small group of local farms less than 3 miles from the factory and that it was expertly cut by Colin.  I have a big joint of beef topside ready for Christmas dinner too.  I don't actually like turkey but the rest of the family do, so my parents are also cooking a turkey crown and bringing that over with them.

I am being a little lazy this year and buying shop bought puddings.   I really do not need the pressure of producing the perfect cakes this year along with doing the whole dinner thing.  We tested two of the frozen M&S desserts and they were amazing!  I do love a good slice of black forest gateaux, mmmm!  I have also had a little rearrange of my tea shelf, isn't it pretty.



  1. Ohh yummm, this all looks amazing - wish I was having a Sunday roast today! I've become quite the expert at making (pretend) Christmas dinner for me and my flatmate, but not sure how I'd cope doing it for the whole family! x

  2. It looks amazing! We did a trial run tonight but just for the two of us. I'm a little scared about cooking dinner for my family too. I've never cooked meat in my life so I'm going to be relying on my husband to cook the turkey. X

  3. Well done! Err those cakes look amazing! xx

  4. Oh god Sarah where is my invite?!

  5. It looks yummy and love the heart serving dishes :) x

  6. I want in! My Xmas Dinner invite is in the post, right? I'll bring my "Gameface" for Gray as well. (Not that I'm very good).


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