Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bah Humbug

I have been lucky enough to find and share some amazing dresses with you all recently.  I feel my style and tastes has grown a lot this year, I still stay true to figure flattering shapes but have moved towards more flattering lengths, favouring dresses that fall at the knee rather than mid thigh.  I am loving the silhouette this gives me and the fact that I don't have to worry about showing my pants to the world if I need to bend over. haha.  Knee length dresses are more widely available, I really hope this continues to be the case.

I rushed straight towards this dress whilst in Topshop Oxford Circus with Rosie recently.  The stripes made me think it would be a Rosie dress but when I touched it I knew it needed to be a Sarah dress.  I trotted off to the changing rooms and came out to show Rosie with a face that had 'this is my new dress and I adore it' written all over it.  It is bloody amazing and I love it!  It's a heavy satin fabric that is so stiff it hangs beautifully, retains it's shape and doesn't crease.  I want to twirl around singing 'I feel pretty' as soon as I put it on.  I have to confess to trying it on several times just because it makes me feel so good.  Isn't that just the best feeling?!  

I am wearing it out tonight for my works Christmas party and am keeping my accessories simple so to let the dress do all the talking.  I have teamed it with a thin cropped cardigan from asos and my favourite heels from Clarks.  I had my nails done on Saturday, aren't they just adorable?!  I have seen this design all over the internet in recent months and quite fancied having it myself so booked in for a set of acrylics and gel polish and am so pleased with the end result that I think these need to be my nails on a permanent basis.  Totally kitsch and so totally me!  I have a bit of issue with regrowth which is why I haven't considered acrylics before but the beauty with this design is you won't really notice the regrowth and the colour is all on the tips, clever.

This is my perfect party dress for the Christmas season, link me to yours!

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: asos
Shoes: Clarks
Nails: Simply Nails

This photo is for you Nicola!



  1. Ahh! Oh my god, the shape of that dress is beautiful.

  2. Ahahaha, I totally appreciated the Nicola photos as well. I was trying to explain her "scrub" story to someone the other day and it just came out a bit strangely.
    Love this dress, it looks perfect on you and the nails are so cute!

  3. Ah that dress is so gorgeous- such a fun print! :)

    Florrie x

  4. Oh wow you look lovely, that dresses suits you so well! I love the way you've styled it too, with a dress like that keeping accessories minimal is best :-)

  5. Such a pretty dress and your nails looks lovely!

  6. Ah I keep seeing this dress, and it's stunning on you! I love the slightly longer lengths, too!

    xox Sammi

  7. Dear Sarah,

    I’d like to invite you to the Fab Woman Virtual Christmas party to celebrate us, women, creativity and to show the world that all woman is a fab woman. Being an online party all you need to do is to turn on your computer, get comfy with a drink, click on my blog anytime between 19-26th December 2013 and via the party-post imagine together the best celebration ever! Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Anami, xx

  8. Oh wow, this dress is so gorgeous and i am loving those nails! xo

  9. I love the dress its beautiful!! the cardigan is cute as well!

  10. Love this dress and love your nails! :) x

  11. You look beautiful!

    I wanted to thank you for the fit advice for the dress. Mine arrived and it is indeed lovely in person. So luxurious and bold. I'm usually more of a polka dot person, but there's something about a nice bold stripe.

    At first I was a bit concerned, as the fit is a tad loose at the waist. Not a big deal, as this means more pie for me at whatever occasion I wear this to. ;) Imagine my surprise when I walked into Nordstrom the week after I received my dress to find they'd included it in their Topshop import line! Lol It gave me a chance to try on the 8/UK12 as well. It was so tiny compared with the 10/UK14! I mean, I could zip it up and the waist was fine, but the bust was so flat & squished! Usually the difference between sizes isn't so drastic. So thanks again for the advice!


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