Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Wants

This dress is dreamy!  Shame the price tag makes it just a dream.  Whilst I do love chiffon and think that it's the perfect fabric for an evening dress I'm not sure the price tag is justified even with all the beading.  But boy is it beautiful. 

 Dress: asos

How amazing is this fabric, the colours are spectacular.  I have been a long standing admirer of Jones and Jones dresses, they are beautifully made and the shapes are perfect.  Just a shame they are both too short and generally too small for me.  Now if I could just find a dress in this print that's a good few inches longer...

I have been swooning over this dress since I first saw it on instagram.  I am still not sold on smock dresses but again this looks more lose skater than a true smock.  But the sequins.  All the sequins!  The collar and the pockets are just an added bonus. 

I'm under orders to finalise my Christmas gift list and am struggling.  It's not easy putting together a list of gifts you would like others to buy for you is it?!  I am also trying to find discount codes to go with each request to make them as purse friendly as possible, I have been busy googling and hitting up sites like Voucherbox.  I managed to find one for 25% off Disney if any of you have little ones to buy. 



  1. That Jones & Jones dress is really gorgeous! I've seen a longer length one on their site, so I'd love to try that one because I feel like my others from them are way too short now!!

  2. all the dresses are beautiful! Especially love the Topshop one. Shame topshop don't like my waistline :P

    Lovely post Sarah! <3

    Lucie //Fatbeautyx

  3. I'm the same with J&J. I'm 5'9 people, its just not happening! x

  4. Definitely definitely put that sequin dress on your Xmas list!


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