Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday Wants

Funny how I never struggle to write this wishlist yet when Gray demands I sort out a Christmas gift list (yep already!) I can't think of a single thing to put on it.  I've almost gone little black dress crazy this week, saved by a few splashes of colour.  You really can't beat having a trusty LBD in your wardrobe to fall back on and dig out at every occasion.

I love the simplicity of this one from Dotty P's, that and the fact it is only £28!  It's making me want to go dig out my brogues to wear with it. 

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Twit-twoo! The shape of this one is amazing, the skirt is beautifully full and I love the neckline.  The subtle spots are exactly my cup of tea and I love the pop of colour from the belt even though I would probably not wear one or switch it up for a bit of cobalt.

Dress: Oasis

A wishlist at this time of the year would be a bit incomplete without a velvet dress!  The style and shape is pretty similar to two I already own from Warehouse but I do love the colours and pattern on this one so it needs to come on a trip to my house real soon!

Dress: asos

Now if anyone has any suggestions for what I can add to my Christmas list I would be very grateful!



  1. Love the Oasis dress, and the ASOS one is cool, but there stuff always seems to come up super short on me. Not so keen on bum flashing.... especially not at work. We're not doing Xmas as such this year, mostly because we're zipping off to Leipzig just before to indulge in all things Deutsch!

  2. lovely dresses, great choices!

    great post xo

  3. That DP one is lovely, but I wonder how long it is..
    Can't you have the taffeta version of the Tara Starlet one for Xmas? That's like the perfect party dress? :)

  4. Christmas list ideas... Well, you have a kitchenaid so there's definitely a few accessories you can get! Have you got the flexi edge beater? It's bloody amazing and a definite must have. The pasta maker, whilst expensive, is also fabulous and gives you an excuse to get the pasta drying rack!

  5. Love the first dress - the collar is lovely! :)

  6. Ah the velevt dress is a beauty!

  7. Love these! They have a pink version of the velvet dress in river island, it's also really nice
    abi from a little dust

  8. If I was a dress, I would be that Oasis dress. Except with a red belt. Get in my wardrobe.

  9. These ladies look stunning and effortlessly glamorous.... the life of the stars.. hmmm * day dreaming. beautiful post. Click Here


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