Friday, 22 November 2013

Party Princess

Oh Marina!  You are the perfect party dress.  I fell in love with this dress when I spied it on instagram but had no idea where it was from.  Thankfully my partner in crime emailed me the link as she too had fallen in love with it.  We are a dangerous pairing and will no doubt end up bankrupting each other with our findings, haha.  We decided to save on postage and combine our order as Char was coming to stay the following weekend.  When the dresses arrived I took mine straight to my Mum to have her chop a good 6" off the bottom as I just couldn't work the length and hey presto my favourite dress was ready to be worn!  I really wish I could pull off below the knee but I just look really, really frumpy :(  You can see Char in her's here, doesn't she look a picture.

I wore it to London recently and couldn't stop stroking it and saying that it makes me feel like a little girl going to a child's party in the best possible way!  I am always envious of the pretty party frocks little girls get to chose from.  The stiffness of the fabric makes it hang perfectly and it just looks pretty special don't you agree?!  I kinda wanna sit on a really tall chair and swing my legs back and forth.  I couldn't resist teaming it with this crown headband from H&M for these photos, I think it finishes the look perfectly though I probably wouldn't wear it out of the house, haha! 

Dress: Tara Starlet
Shoes: Clarks
Crown: H&M

I have since ordered the dress in the black and white gingham too and will be rocking it this evening.  Whilst I love being able to wear them for best I also love wearing a pretty party dress for daywear so can see myself getting plenty of wear out of them.  Now I just need this skirt to hurry up and make it's way on the website so I can purchase it...



  1. What a perfect fit! I can definitely sense that dress has some twirling ability. Gorgeous x

  2. Woo, I love this dress on you, and the crown is fab.
    Love from, your partner in crime. :P

  3. You make me want to spend all my money Sarah when i'm suppose to be saving!

  4. loooove this, looks perfect on you. Fits so well x

  5. Such a delightful dress!

    Emma x

  6. i love the crown! :)

    check out my giveaway over on my blog,

  7. So cute. The colours look perfect with your gorgeous hair too!

  8. That dress is gorgeous!
    Jess | | @whatjessiedid


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