Thursday, 7 November 2013

It's in the Jeans

You read that right. Jeans.  I'm not having an identity crisis or anything so don't worry but I do need to broach the subject of jeans with you and ask for a little bit of help.  I do not own any jeans, I gave away the two pairs I last wore over 5 years ago to Rosie recently as they were practically brand new and she wears 'em well.  My sister is just like me but has found that since Tate got mobile, dresses and either tights or leggings are just not cutting it.  She is spending half her time crawling around after Tate with her bum literally in the air for all to see.  She has a nice bum but that's not the point, haha.  She has tried longer length dresses but as she is 5'10" they are still not a decent length on her so it looks as if she might have to suck it up and get some jeans or maybe jeggings.  Leggings are not trousers ;)

I have had a browse at the women's jeans at Littlewoods and think the below jeggings would be ideal.  Jeggings seem like the perfect compromise for a jeans-phobic, thick enough to protect your modesty but flexible enough to allow you to move freely.

I have come up with a few easy to wear options but don't really know what else to suggest to pair with the jeggings.  This is where you guys come in, what would you recommend?  Do you have a go to style of top or have you just found something amazing recently?  My sister is a size 10 and can wear pretty much anything though she wouldn't want to flash any flesh.

I really, really need the robin jumper now!!

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  1. I literally swear by Next jeans, they are affordable + super comfy! Love that first jumper! x

  2. I am a recent convert to jeggings. I got a black pair from DP so they just look like tight black jeans only way more comfortable so are ideal for my job. I wear everything with them from blouses to jumpers. That robin jumper is so cute and I definitely agree with you, leggings are not trousers. :) x

  3. I can't offer you any jeans advice, but that robin jumper is cute!:)


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