Monday, 25 November 2013

Green Goddess

I will never, ever tire of brands I love contacting me and asking if I would like to collaborate.  This is not a brag, when I first started writing A Million Dresses I had no idea this was even a possibility and every opportunity I accept is with absolute glee.  I wanted to share my love of dresses with you guys and it's a happy by-product.  It is a privilege to share this dress with you guys today, I did a happy dance when the email from Closet hit my inbox.  For those who don't know Closet was founded in 1996 and their clothes are proudly designed and made in London.  I love this about Closet, knowing that the dress you have just purchased wasn't made in a sweatshop sits better with me.  I have been trying my hardest to support UK brands recently but it's not always easy and certainly isn't the cheaper option.  Thankfully Closet are more purse friendly with their dresses coming in around the £50 mark.   

I have already bought these two Closet dresses this season, Closet make so many Sarah style dresses it's impossible for me not to be lusting after one of their dresses.  It was the colour and the tartan on this dress that won me over along with the collar, I don't have anything similar.  I am still in love with this baby, swoon.  The dress fits really well, it's nicely snug around my waist before flowing out over my hips into a wonderfully full skirt - with pockets!  Dreamy.  It comes with a belt but I don't care for belts to be honest, in my opinion they are restrictive and uncomfortable and do not add anything atheistically for me.  So the belt is ditched, my favourite cardigan is added and the outfit is finished off with my Clarks shoe boots.  I love the way the dress works with my hair too, green is definitely a colour I should wear more of.

Dress: Closet*
Cardigan: H&M (Old)
Shoe boots: Clarks

Gray and I had a bloody lovely weekend celebrating our second wedding anniversary in Yorkshire, just what the doctor ordered.



  1. Oh I love that dress, the cut looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous dress and thank you for introducing me to Closet they have some gorgeous pieces x

  3. So glad you have a good weekend Sarah - well deserved! I agree, green looks so nice with your hair!

  4. I love this dress on you, the neckline is lovely and doesn't look at all restricting, which had been my thought. They've got some lovely dresses on there.
    I'm very glad you had a lovely weekend! :)

  5. What a gorgeous dress, it looks lovely on you!! :-) xxx

  6. That is a lovely dress, I am loving tartan at the moment! x

  7. I love everything about this dress - the shape, the colour and the print. I always love green with red hair. It's a colour we should both wear more often. Glad you had a lovely weekend in Yorkshire. My husband's family live around the area you visited so we often spend time there. x

  8. Green really does suit you- I love your style :) xx


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