Friday, 1 November 2013


Doris is such a lady.  She certainly makes me the most ladylike I can be, haha.  Last time I wore this out I did feel a bit over dressed, Gray was in his slobby jeans and a hoodie.  Next time I am going to make sure he makes an effort too!  It's such a lovely dress, I adore the neckline and the fabric is fab too.  It fits pretty well, has sleeves and pockets so pretty much ticks all my boxes.  I like monochrome best with red so I have added red shoes, my little heart brooch and a slick of lipstick.  Makes me look even more like a lady don't you think?!

Dress: Emily & Fin

Short and sweet post, I spent most of last night looking out the window to see why the trick and treaters weren't ringing our doorbell and baking a cake ready for Saturday.  I'm off to see Thor tonight, anyone seen it yet?  I hope it's worth the wait, the trailer did look pretty fab.  Have a lovely weekend you guys :)



  1. Thor is FANTASTIC. Honestly so so good. It has a much more developed storyline than the original Thor and some great one liners! And two rather excellent plot twists... *fangirls*

    This dress is GORGEOUS by the way! :)

    Sarah xx

  2. Lovely dress, definitely suits the red accessories an lips :)

  3. I love this dress. It's such a stunning shape and looks amazing on you. X

  4. Love the dress, may have to add a Doris to my e+f collection.
    Wish I could pull off the red lips, I always feel super self-conscious in lippy.

  5. Gorgeous dress, definitely a ladylike piece, also loving the red flashes. How are you managing such decent pictures now it's so much darker as well? Really struggling since it's light when I leave for work (in cycle gear) and dark when I get home now :(

  6. Oh it's just the prettiest thing! How gorgeous! I just love the slightly off the shoulder look too, looking BEAUT XX

  7. Such an elegant dress on you, you look stunning!

    Maria xxx

  8. very nice dress!!!!!!!


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