Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Planning

It feels so strange for me to be so excited about Christmas this year.  I have already handed out a couple of pressies (think that is a record!) and as we no longer have any decorations I have also started picking up bits as and when I see some that take my fancy.  I am aiming for a felt/tartan affair I think and we are planning on having two trees but that is as far as we have got.  I have managed to add a few things on my Christmas list too, yay!

The kind folks at Dotcomgiftshop kindly sent me a couple of items from their Christmas range including this fab Advent Calendar.  I am going to fill it with goodies for Gray to tuck into each day.  I want to mix it up a bit and put some cool treats in there, any suggestions?  The little boxes hold 6 of the mini Lindor balls if you were wondering about the size

I love their 50's Christmas range and couldn't resist getting the bunting too, can't wait to hang it.  We have decided that as December 1st is a Sunday our decorations are going up then, excited!  I might just have bought some Christmas themed toilet paper and a doormat too (Read as I have! haha)



  1. Gosh, that bunting is lovely. Definitely going on my christmas decorations list! The advent house is such a great idea. My Mum does this for me and my sisters each year - yes at 28 a small stack of things arrive ready for the beginning of December. We always get things like Christmas chocolates and nail varnishes - although not sure that's quite manly enough for your plans. But she does sometimes get bigger presents - Christmas pens or socks and these are wrapped and placed in a smaller stocking with numbers on, then she places numbered gift tags in the drawers, so that could work if you want to give bigger treats.
    Excited to see what other decorations you get.
    Laura xx

  2. That advent calendar is so lovely! I've been lusting over the big fabric ones at the minute, eee I can't wait for Christmas! x

    The Little Things

  3. I always celebrate Christmas by giving gifts and chocolates in our family but this year your idea looking so different. I hope my kids are like this and decorate that advent house in our own way. I am just going for shopping and try to find out these kinds of gifts for him with their favorite chocolates..

  4. That advent calendar is such a lovely idea. Don't worry, I'm already very excited for Christmas too!

    Becca x
    Paradise Tea

  5. I love this bunting, we stock it in the shop and I am always tempted, but bunting is waaay too easy to make.

  6. I really love the advent calendar!! My Grandparents used to do us a drawer one when my brothers and I were little - they would fill it with sweets, chocolate, hairbands (for me), cars (for the boys) etc etc - best advent calendars ever :)

  7. I love the idea of the advent calendar and really wish I'd thought of this for Spencer as he bought me a Benefit one and I bought him a bog standard Cadburys one :-/
    I may have to purchase some of that super cute bunting.
    My decs will too be going up on 1st Dec, I'm excited but also very nervous as I have a feeling Bob the kitten may pull the tree down several times! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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