Thursday, 28 November 2013

And Relax...

We had such a lovely time in Shipley.  We did a bit of shopping in Leeds on the way there and spent a day wandering around Harrogate, such pretty part of the world.  We had lunch at Betty's which was awesome, well worth the 20 minute queue.  Our waitress was ace and was working even though it was her birthday, I hope they saved a big slice of cake for her.  I wore a couple of new dresses each evening which I will be sharing with you soon, I bought them specially and had been itching to wear them.  I also bought a few touches from our actual wedding day into the weekend, I have been wearing my felt heart most of the time recently so I added my pearl earrings too!  Gray often wears the bracelet I bought him as a wedding gift, it's lovely to have little mementos of a day that meant so much to us.

We had a lovely ramble around the beautiful grounds and found the perfect little swing hanging from the tree.  I am guess it's intended for use by brides as they have their photos taken in the grounds but I couldn't resist a little swing.  I kept nice and warm wearing a ski jacket sent to me by Sports Direct.  It is so toasty warm and I love the fur trim round the hood.  It is really reasonably priced and they have loads of choice on their site if you are adverse to a splash of pink.

Coat: Sports Direct*
Dress: Emily & Fin

We were so lucky with the weather, last year we spent our anniversary in London and it rained most of the time and was absolutely baltic.  Brrrrrr!  The food was included in our stay and was really tasty, only thing I could grumble about is the pillows, they need a pillow menu!  Thankfully I was also treated to a back massage, spending 6 hours in the car isn't good for anyone coupled with rubbish pillows!  It was so good, my shoulders are now knot free though I did feel bruised the next day.  I have decided I need to spend more time relaxing, there really is nothing like it.  Gray was reminding me what a disaster my hen night was over dinner, if you don't know the story I may share it with you if you ask nicely!  It was even referred to in his speech :-/  I really wish I had of done something more civilised like afternoon tea or a spa day!  Interestingly recently ran a survey showing just that, over 50% of respondents said they would prefer a relaxing hen do.  Two years ago we were lying in the sun in Mexico, oh please take me back!



  1. This looks like a lovely place to stay and that jacket is actually surprisingly nice (you can tell I never go in sports shops; I've had some new cycle shoes this morning and had to make one of the lads from the gym get them for me and bring them to the gym!)

  2. haha love your hen night story! This place looks really nice but you have to stay in the stone barn, you feel so secluded there xx

  3. I'm very intrigued by your hen night story! I was wearing this dress on Saturday too (thanks again!) it's definitely a favourite :)

  4. Oh dear, I didnt realise your hen night was such a disaster?! Sounds like this was a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary xx


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