Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tartan Bows

Last night we traveled to Manchester to visit Gray's sister who has now moved there.  I love Manchester (I went to Salford Uni) and take any opportunity to visit.  Today we are going to do a spot of shopping, have a wander round the Christmas markets, grab some food and have a few drinks - my idea of a perfect day.  Last night involved a chilled night in but that didn't mean I took the opportunity to dress down, as a rule I don't dress down ever!  This is about as casual as you'll see me and I am happy with that.  I teamed a comfy but cute black dress with my tartan heels and clutch to add some detail.  In a recent survey by Ladbrokes Bingo 70% of women said they preferred a girlie night in rather than a night on the town.  I have to agree, I much prefer not to have to pay through the nose for drinks and stand in a queue at the bar but still love the opportunity to dress up.  Need a reason to wear all the dresses I keep buying ;)  That reminds me I really, really need this Jaeger dress, beautiful!

Bag: New Look (Old)
Shoes: Office (Old)

What are your must visit places in Manchester?  I haven't been for a couple of years and most likely won't even recognise a lot of it.  The Christmas market is defo happening, I am far too festive already this year.  Defo too early to wear my Christmas jumper though right?!  Haha.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Hey Mister Baker

It's not often I splash out and spend so much on one item, I decided to try this dress on a whim as I was drawn to the felt like fabric and once I had tried it on I needed to make it mine.  I saved it to wear out on our anniversary weekend which kinda helped justify splashing out.  I adore it, it fits like a glove and is so flattering.  I feel like a million dollars wearing it.  I love that it is simple without a trace of glitz, makes a lovely change.

Dress: Ted Baker
Cardigan: H&M (Old)
Boots: Clarks

I am happy to report that my skin is so much clearer since I started using La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, back in May I was having terrible troubles around the chin area and it was really getting me down.  I started using this every day and haven't had a breakout in months, *touches wood*  I love that Cosmetic Practice has a whole section for oily skin, if anyone has any recommendations for other products I can try to combat the shine let me know.  

I'm off to Manchester for the weekend so spent last night putting up our tree and generally getting all festive.  Looking forward to having a wander round the Christmas market.  Have a fab weekend and put your trees up on Sunday!


Thursday, 28 November 2013

And Relax...

We had such a lovely time in Shipley.  We did a bit of shopping in Leeds on the way there and spent a day wandering around Harrogate, such pretty part of the world.  We had lunch at Betty's which was awesome, well worth the 20 minute queue.  Our waitress was ace and was working even though it was her birthday, I hope they saved a big slice of cake for her.  I wore a couple of new dresses each evening which I will be sharing with you soon, I bought them specially and had been itching to wear them.  I also bought a few touches from our actual wedding day into the weekend, I have been wearing my felt heart most of the time recently so I added my pearl earrings too!  Gray often wears the bracelet I bought him as a wedding gift, it's lovely to have little mementos of a day that meant so much to us.

We had a lovely ramble around the beautiful grounds and found the perfect little swing hanging from the tree.  I am guess it's intended for use by brides as they have their photos taken in the grounds but I couldn't resist a little swing.  I kept nice and warm wearing a ski jacket sent to me by Sports Direct.  It is so toasty warm and I love the fur trim round the hood.  It is really reasonably priced and they have loads of choice on their site if you are adverse to a splash of pink.

Coat: Sports Direct*
Dress: Emily & Fin

We were so lucky with the weather, last year we spent our anniversary in London and it rained most of the time and was absolutely baltic.  Brrrrrr!  The food was included in our stay and was really tasty, only thing I could grumble about is the pillows, they need a pillow menu!  Thankfully I was also treated to a back massage, spending 6 hours in the car isn't good for anyone coupled with rubbish pillows!  It was so good, my shoulders are now knot free though I did feel bruised the next day.  I have decided I need to spend more time relaxing, there really is nothing like it.  Gray was reminding me what a disaster my hen night was over dinner, if you don't know the story I may share it with you if you ask nicely!  It was even referred to in his speech :-/  I really wish I had of done something more civilised like afternoon tea or a spa day!  Interestingly recently ran a survey showing just that, over 50% of respondents said they would prefer a relaxing hen do.  Two years ago we were lying in the sun in Mexico, oh please take me back!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Wants

This dress is dreamy!  Shame the price tag makes it just a dream.  Whilst I do love chiffon and think that it's the perfect fabric for an evening dress I'm not sure the price tag is justified even with all the beading.  But boy is it beautiful. 

 Dress: asos

How amazing is this fabric, the colours are spectacular.  I have been a long standing admirer of Jones and Jones dresses, they are beautifully made and the shapes are perfect.  Just a shame they are both too short and generally too small for me.  Now if I could just find a dress in this print that's a good few inches longer...

I have been swooning over this dress since I first saw it on instagram.  I am still not sold on smock dresses but again this looks more lose skater than a true smock.  But the sequins.  All the sequins!  The collar and the pockets are just an added bonus. 

I'm under orders to finalise my Christmas gift list and am struggling.  It's not easy putting together a list of gifts you would like others to buy for you is it?!  I am also trying to find discount codes to go with each request to make them as purse friendly as possible, I have been busy googling and hitting up sites like Voucherbox.  I managed to find one for 25% off Disney if any of you have little ones to buy. 


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary

The last two years have flown by and so much in our lives has changed, the one thing that has been constant is your love and support.  

I love you xx


Monday, 25 November 2013

Green Goddess

I will never, ever tire of brands I love contacting me and asking if I would like to collaborate.  This is not a brag, when I first started writing A Million Dresses I had no idea this was even a possibility and every opportunity I accept is with absolute glee.  I wanted to share my love of dresses with you guys and it's a happy by-product.  It is a privilege to share this dress with you guys today, I did a happy dance when the email from Closet hit my inbox.  For those who don't know Closet was founded in 1996 and their clothes are proudly designed and made in London.  I love this about Closet, knowing that the dress you have just purchased wasn't made in a sweatshop sits better with me.  I have been trying my hardest to support UK brands recently but it's not always easy and certainly isn't the cheaper option.  Thankfully Closet are more purse friendly with their dresses coming in around the £50 mark.   

I have already bought these two Closet dresses this season, Closet make so many Sarah style dresses it's impossible for me not to be lusting after one of their dresses.  It was the colour and the tartan on this dress that won me over along with the collar, I don't have anything similar.  I am still in love with this baby, swoon.  The dress fits really well, it's nicely snug around my waist before flowing out over my hips into a wonderfully full skirt - with pockets!  Dreamy.  It comes with a belt but I don't care for belts to be honest, in my opinion they are restrictive and uncomfortable and do not add anything atheistically for me.  So the belt is ditched, my favourite cardigan is added and the outfit is finished off with my Clarks shoe boots.  I love the way the dress works with my hair too, green is definitely a colour I should wear more of.

Dress: Closet*
Cardigan: H&M (Old)
Shoe boots: Clarks

Gray and I had a bloody lovely weekend celebrating our second wedding anniversary in Yorkshire, just what the doctor ordered.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sweet Nothings

Gray and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary, doesn't time fly?!  I usually treat Gray myself to a new set of pretty underwear for the occasion.  If there is one day of the year to step away from your favourite comfy pants then it's defo on your anniversary, haha.

Underwear is one of those things that I love receiving as a gift from Gray, he is pretty good at finding sets I will love that are pretty comfy too.  Nothing worse than a bra that digs in or pants that don't stay put.  With this in mind I have put together a little wishlist from Blossom Lingerie.  Gray is spoiling me with a custom made cotton dress for our (cotton) anniversary so hopefully this will give him a few ideas for Christmas ;)

Post in collaboration with brand


Friday, 22 November 2013

Party Princess

Oh Marina!  You are the perfect party dress.  I fell in love with this dress when I spied it on instagram but had no idea where it was from.  Thankfully my partner in crime emailed me the link as she too had fallen in love with it.  We are a dangerous pairing and will no doubt end up bankrupting each other with our findings, haha.  We decided to save on postage and combine our order as Char was coming to stay the following weekend.  When the dresses arrived I took mine straight to my Mum to have her chop a good 6" off the bottom as I just couldn't work the length and hey presto my favourite dress was ready to be worn!  I really wish I could pull off below the knee but I just look really, really frumpy :(  You can see Char in her's here, doesn't she look a picture.

I wore it to London recently and couldn't stop stroking it and saying that it makes me feel like a little girl going to a child's party in the best possible way!  I am always envious of the pretty party frocks little girls get to chose from.  The stiffness of the fabric makes it hang perfectly and it just looks pretty special don't you agree?!  I kinda wanna sit on a really tall chair and swing my legs back and forth.  I couldn't resist teaming it with this crown headband from H&M for these photos, I think it finishes the look perfectly though I probably wouldn't wear it out of the house, haha! 

Dress: Tara Starlet
Shoes: Clarks
Crown: H&M

I have since ordered the dress in the black and white gingham too and will be rocking it this evening.  Whilst I love being able to wear them for best I also love wearing a pretty party dress for daywear so can see myself getting plenty of wear out of them.  Now I just need this skirt to hurry up and make it's way on the website so I can purchase it...


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Chi Chi Cutie

How pretty is this dress?  I felt like a total princess prancing around in it.  It might look like I am in a jungle but it's actually just Gray's parents garden.  With the light being as troublesome as it is right now we need to grab any opportunity possible to take a few snaps.  I haven't psyched myself up enough yet to take photos in actual public yet though, haha.  I admire those of you who do especially when alone and armed with nothing but a tripod and remote.

The embellishment on this dress is so lovely, the beaded faux pearl detail is just perfect.  I stole the cardigan I bought my sister to wear as bridesmaid at my wedding as I knew it would be perfect.  The fluffy cardigan teamed with the beading is just the right amount of girlie next to the black tulle.  I am looking super pale in these photos, I am not sure if it's my new winter colour or just the contrast between my skin and freshly dyed hair.  Either way I still can't bring myself to reach for the bronzer, I always feel like I am CAKED in make up if I try to use it.  I am such a bad girl when it comes to make up :( 

Dress: Chi Chi*
Cardigan: Monsoon
Shoes: Clarks

I couldn't resist including a snap of Gray's parents garden.  In my opinion it looks even more beautiful now than it did whilst in full bloom in the summer.  I love the colours of the leaves and the grass has never looked greener. 

We are off to Shipley tomorrow to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I can't believe how quickly it has come around, it only seems like five minutes ago Gray proposed and we started planning.  We are using our competition winnings from the Clothing at Tesco chino challenge so are being treated to two nights in a gorgeous Marriott hotel including breakfast and dinner, how perfect!  I am hoping the weather doesn't take a turn for the worse this weekend, we are planning on taking a few walks and breathing in some of the fresh country air.  I have already packed my walking boots but it looks as if I might need my wellies too!  We are also going to Harrogate and maybe Leeds for a spot of shopping.  And I have two new dresses for the occasion - I am very excited, eeekkkkk!!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wednesday Wants

It seems I am a bit blue this week!  It wasn't my intention but everything I am cooing over just happens to have a blue-hue.  Since I have been a ginge I have moved away from all things pink to the blue side, I love the way blue looks with orange.

How beautiful is this Boohoo dress?!  It also comes in black and white but I defo prefer the blue version.  It is described as a swing dress but it looks more like a relaxed skater to me.  Anyone got it?  Would love to know how fitted it is.

 Dress: Boohoo

Swoon! I love the mix of textures on this dress.  The tapestry combined with the tulle is just perfect.  I want a princess dress!

 Dress: Miss Selfridge

This dress looks to be the same cut as my tartan dress which means it is already perfect.  It's kinda metallic too so the perfect day to night dress.

Dress: Boohoo

And just because I didn't want this wishlist to end up totally blue here is a dress that reminds me of a Christmas tree in a totally good way.  I actually love this dress and would wear it with top underneath to show off the neckline (and keep my arms undercover!) It's lush!

Dress: River Island


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Crackers

Yeah, yeah I know it's not even December yet and I keep banging on about Christmas but I can't help that I am so excited!  We bought our fake tree at the weekend and I have been busy buying Christmas decorations ready to deck the halls come 1st December.  We are having a fake tree in the living room and a real one out in the hall way.  If you see me cursing over the needles dropping please remind me next year ;) haha.

I bought an amazing holly headband from Crown and Glory last year and I dressed up as a Christmas tree so I have decided that this year I need to inject a bit of Christmas into every day rather than just save it for a bit of sparkle.  I can't decide which of the three jumpers below I need though three isn't excessive is it?!  

 Jumper 1  |  Jumper 2  |  Jumper 3

How cute is this beautiful Christmas pudding hat from Claire's?!  I adore the little heart details and the big red bobble, would look fab with my red coat too.  The Christmas trees are hair clips but I would customise them and turn them into shoe clips, perfect don't you think.

 Hat  |  Earrings  |  Hair Clips

I have bought a couple of pairs of gloves this year but none as cute as these snowman mittens.  I think a Christmas scarf is also a must and love these Christmas jumper nails for a super easy festive manicure.

Gloves  |  Scarf  |  Nails

I'm on the hunt for *the* Christmas dress at the moment.  I have the blue sequin version of the green French Connection dress I wore last year ready and waiting in my wardrobe but obviously need something new too ;)


Monday, 18 November 2013

Win a Pair of Tickets to the Clothes Show Live with Echo Falls

Happy Monday!  I have a little giveaway for you today to brighten your Monday.  Echo Falls have given me a pair of tickets to the Clothes Show Live to giveaway!  The show runs from the 6th to the 10th of December at the NEC in Birmingham and you can choose which day you want to attend.  I will be going to the show on the Sunday as a guest of Echo Falls, they are one of the sponsors of the Clothes Show and their wine bar is the place to kick back and take a load off.  I had lots of fun hanging around their bar last year with a bunch of other lovely bloggers.  To celebrate they have challenged several bloggers to put together a high street outfit with a budget of £75. 

I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone with a smock dress seeing as they are currently every where.  I loved the crackled print smock that I featured in last weeks Wednesday Wants so went down a couple of sizes so it fits more like a loose skater dress, kinda the best of both worlds.  I have teamed it with the amazing contrast chunky sole worker boots from New Look.  I have a lot of love for these boots, I adore the white soles plus they are actually super comfy, something that is important for wandering round the show for hours.  Finally I bought a pair of my go to black opaques from Next.  The dress is £35, the boots £29.99 and the tights £10 leaving me with a penny to spare.  

Dress: asos
Boots: New Look
Tights: Next

To enter you need to use the Rafflecopter widget below, the T&Cs can be found within the widget.  You need to complete the first two entries to be counted.  The extra entries are optional but the more you do the more chance you have of winning.  The prize is a pair of tickets to the Clothes Show Live on your preferred day, travel is not included.
1. Follow a million dresses via GFC  
2. Leave a comment below
3. Send out a little tweet, see the widget for more info
4. And follow me on bloglovin' for an extra five entries

The giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes on Sunday 24th November at 6pm


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