Monday, 7 October 2013


Happy Monday! I am hoping if I keep saying that it will indeed turn out to be a happy Monday.  I am off out for a curry with the girls tonight so at least that's one thing to make the day go quicker.  I bought this dress from Aspire Style a few weeks ago after falling in love with the print online.  It is just so pretty.  I adore the colours and obviously the little birds.  It looks shinier in the photos than it does in real life.  It hangs beautifully and the fabric is a lovely weight.  Unfortunately though it creases like a b*tch.  I wore it out when I went to visit Rosie and after sitting down in it for half an hour or so it looked like I had screwed it up into a little ball before putting it on.  Such a shame!

I ditched the belt as I think it looks better without, added my favourite fluffy cardigan and finished it off with a cute pair of Clarks dolly shoes.  I am going to try it again being more mindful of how I am sitting on it and see if I can prevent it from creasing up so badly.  It's such a cute print I would be devastated if I can not longer wear it.  I hate creases so much.

Dress: Closet
Cardigan: H&M (Old)
Shoes: Clarks

The Aspire Style giveaway has been drawn and the winner notified.  You can still enter my ASOS giveaway here and don't forget that you can get 10% off at Aspire Style using the code million10.  

Have a lovely day and hopefully we all have a very good Monday!



  1. Really cute dress, reminds me of Ted Baker!
    Cath x

    square marshmallow

  2. Sarah please give me all your dresses!

  3. Cute outfit - the cardigan looks really cosy and warm :)

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. So pretty! And that cardie looks so snuggly...agree with you on the belt though, a dress with a nice simple cut like that doesn't need fiddling about with stuff at the waist. Good call and looks great!

  5. love your dress, it goes so well with your hair!

  6. This dress is gorgeous although there's nothing worse than creased clothes :(

    Maria xxx

  7. This post is amazing! - your photo's are beautiful! thank you for your great post.
    People & Lifestyle Photographer Phoenix


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