Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday Wants

Okay so a couple of weeks ago I wanted to buy something from asos as I had a great discount code to use up and I couldn't find a single thing.  Nothing.  Nada.  So what happens just after it expires? Loads of AMAZING dresses land in the new in section.  Bloody typical.  I am already the proud owner of the first three, such cute day dresses needed to be snapped up.

I adore the colours in the stained glass windows dress.  It is kinda more skater in shape than smock imo.  I sized down and it fits pretty well whilst still maintaining a bit of smock looseness.  It's a thumbs up from me.  The elephant dress was just too cool not to snap up. It is a massive smock but the fabric hangs really nicely so I think I get away with it.  I couldn't size down on this one as the sleeves would have been too tight.  The colours are so vibrant, it's ace.  Oh foxy!  I tweeted this a couple of days ago and think asos might have sold a fair few that night as I was not the only one who loved it!  I have gone down two sizes and could probs go down another as it is a fairly relaxed fit.  The first and third dresses look like they are the same shape but they are not, the waist on the fox dress is far more relaxed.

These dresses are all a variation on a theme, cute sweetheart necklined prom dresses. I hardly ever flash any cleavage so a sweetheart dress makes a nice change and makes me feel pretty dressed up.  I think I like the middle one best but am not sure about the over the shoulder sleeves.  I would want to wear it with a cardigan so would want to know that they can also be pulled up the shoulder.  If anyone has ordered it, please let me know. 

I bought an ace dress from Ted Baker at the weekend for our wedding anniversary celebrations and am on the lookout for another so one of the above would be perfect, just need to make a decision!  I also need to get a pair of wellies and a new wooly hat ready for our trip to Yorkshire.  We have booked the most beautiful hotel using our F&F competition prize and want to take advantage of the amazing scenery.  If you have any recommendations for the Harrogate area please let me know in the comments below.



  1. I had my eye on the first dress for a while, but I think it may not be for me. The fox dress has gone on my ASOS wishlist as I write. :) Thank you Sarah for always finding the best gems!

  2. Ooh, go to Brimham Rocks for a good walk while you're there! Fountains Abbey is really beautiful too, and you must have afternoon tea at Bettys whilst you're in Harrogate. MUST.

  3. Harrogate is not far from me yaaay! I was going to recommend Fountains Abbey too :) And if you have time, Thomas the Bakers is my dad's business and has a shop in Harrogate! Mother Shipton's cave in Knaresborough is also fun :)

  4. Ohh sarah the stained glass dress is stunning :] x

  5. I'm visiting my husbands family in and around Harrogate tomorrow and I got married at allerton castle near there. I'd recommend fountains abbey too. It's beautiful. Betty's for afternoon tea is a must and their macaroons are delicious. I also like going to the Roman baths. X

  6. oh wow. i want everything! Have fun in Yorkshire, that's where I'm from! xo

  7. I lovvvve the first 3!You guys won the f and f comp?Well done!!xx


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