Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wednesday Wants

Happy Wednesday!  I am trying to jolly myself, it is getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings.  The only thing I don't like about Autumn is all the darkness, it makes it so hard to get moving.  I am also struggling getting enough light to apply my make up in bed, not good!  I am having to remember to go check that I don't look like a clown before I leave the house... think it is time I invested in a good light up bathroom mirror like this one from Zed Lighting.  I have taken to using a torch app on my phone to pluck my eyebrows, not good!

One thing that is bolstering my spirits is this weeks drop of pretties.  I've gone for three very seasonal, very cute and very Sarah dresses.  All three are skater style with sleeves and pretty perfect. I love the contrast of the pleather on this Oasis dress.  I toughens up the floaty fabric nicely and would look fab with a pair of shoe boots. 

Dress: Oasis

Oh velvet, I adore you.  I know some people cannot get past the feel of velvet (the same people who can't touch cotton wool?) but I love it's stroke-ability.  As soon as Autumn arrives I want to snuggle up in velvet and the one thing missing from my wardrobe is a plain black velvet dress.  I have already moved my collection into my main wardrobe ready to crack out.

Dress: asos

I need this dress.  It's pretty much perfect.  Only issue is it is awaiting stock and not expected in for TWO WEEKS.  How can I be expected to wait so long?! Haha.  The mix of vibrant jewel colours are just what the doctor ordered and will brighten even the dullest, darkest day.  You are in my basket baby!

Dress: Very

What are you currently lusting over?  Do you also turn to your wardrobe to lift your spirits?  I am currently wearing a fluffy jumper in the brightest fuchsia pink.  Happy Autumn.



  1. That Very dress is so cute. Love the colours.

  2. Love the top one, seriously pretty. I hate getting up in the dark, it's miserable. Until 3 weeks ago, I could get up and not need to turn on the lights if I was cycling in, now I need it to find my gear, let alone put it on the right way round, plus my high vis is all scrunchy it sounds like a plastic bag in the morning.

  3. I sort of want crisp, autumn weather to happen, now. It's still 15C outside, which is not at all conducive to the wearing of all of my new coats. :/

  4. I have a serious velvet obsession, i love it!

    abi from a little dust

  5. God, I love that first dress. I need to go order NOW.

    Sarah Betty xx


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