Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wednesday Wants

I still haven't found my perfect tartan dress.  Everything is either too short, too long or too cheap looking.  I have found some lovely trousers but obvs they are no good for me! haha.  I do like this River Island dress but haven't been able to find it instore yet to try it on.  I find some of their dresses a bit lacking in the bust department so am not pinning my hopes on it just yet.

Dress: River Island

I have been avoiding floral for a while now, I think I might have over worn it a year or so ago which has meant I am sick of it.  BUT there is always an exception to the rule, I love the print on this Boohoo dress and the muted colours are fab for Autumn.

Dress: Boohoo

This dress is actually called the Wednesday dress, very apt.  I have always been a fan of matching cuffs and collars but combined with velvet they are even more appealing.  Not sure the cut of the dress will be that flattering on me but I love it all the same.  DROOL.

Dress: asos

I am not usually a fan of quirky brand Irregular Choice but these beautiful blue court shoes are a game changer for me.  I love the colour and of course the huge bow.  They have sold out in my size though, woe is me!

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Gray is hinting that he wants a watch for Christmas and keeps sending me links to Breitling Watches... think he is hoping wearing one will turn him into David Beckham, haha.

What have you been lusting after this week?



  1. I need that River Island dress and ASOS dress, they're both gorgeous! xx

  2. OMG that ASOS dress!! I'm in love xx

  3. Love the tartan number. It would be such a fab Christmas dress! I'm clearly way ahead of myself - haven't even thought about Christmas yet, but the cards are already in the shops. eek!

  4. I have that boohoo dress! It's really lovely and like you said the print and colours are perfect for Autumn!

    I LOVE that River Island dress too! You can never have too much tartan in your life.


  5. Ooh yes, get the Wednesday one! It's gorgeous.

    I've given up on tartan dresses. Everything I try on is shoddily made and either doesn't fit or looks awful. BAH!

  6. I love that black dress - it is beautiful!! :)

  7. Fab choices this week lady! I've already been eyeing up that velvet dress, I'm on the hunt for something tartan, and that boohoo dress is now on my wishlist, hah! :) xx

  8. The Boohoo dress is lovely. Why did you put it on my radar? Now I REALLY want it!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  9. That Boohoo dress really is gorgeous! I prefer green tartan though - I've got my eye on this one but it is waaaay out of my budget (!


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