Friday, 4 October 2013

Undercover Blues

I'm not going to lie I was pretty excited when Dorothy Perkins got in touch and asked if I would like to review an item from their new A/W range.  When brands I have bought from for years get in touch it's always going to be a big deal for me.  I am well aware I am never going to be one of the bloggers chosen to front a campaign and I am okay with this - I know my limitations.  I went for this blue crepe high necked number.  I loved the colour and the shape of the dress but it was the high neck that caught my eye.  I am way more comfortable in something high necked, I feel really exposed if I have too much flesh on show.  I had just bought a cute flirty skater dress and a basic black skirt from Dotty P which I will be sharing soon.

I am so happy it is Friday!  I plan to spend the evening in front of the television eating sweet treats, heaven.  I love having time to unwind and chat to everyone on twitter whilst I am lounging in front of the tv, don't ever ask me what just happened in whatever is on the tv though, I am not usually paying enough attention!  Since my recent trip to the bingo hall I have moved onto playing online and have discovered that you can now play bingo on your iPhone with Paddy Power.  I've still yet to win anything.  I just need a way of playing against my friends now, that would be really fun!

Cardigan: H&M (Old)
Shoes: Clarks

I am wearing the dress with my favourite ever cardigan, I am hoping H&M will do something similar this year so I can buy a back up and get every other colour they make.  It is the perfect length and warmer than most other cropped cardigans.  Trusty old Clarks have come up trumps for me again, these black dolly shoes are so comfortable and look great with skirts.  I really do love Clarks, not sure my Mother will believe I just said that after being made to have 'sensible' Clarks shoes as a child when all I wanted was 'fashion' shoes.  Haha.

I am seeing a few of my blogger favourites tomorrow for a spot of shopping and a bit of food, hope whatever you have planned for the weekend it is a GOOD ONE!



  1. You look lovely in this shade of blue - it suits you! :) I am still very jealous of your perfect cropped cardigan. I'm still on a hunt! X

  2. It's a lovely dress, good choice as you always suit that blue so well.
    I'm pretty sure I have a blue cropped h&m cardi kicking around somewhere - i'll try to remember to dig it out for you when I get home on Sunday.
    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  3. See you tomorrow :) I have a new dress with teacups on and sleeves to show you xx

  4. Cobalt blue always looks so lush on you Sarah!

  5. Ooh love this, although high necks never go well with my large bust. I love Dorothy Perkins though, always a win with me.

  6. Love this dress, the colour looks beautiful with your hair. x


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