Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Holidays Are Coming...

Christmas is going to be a pretty big deal for me this year and in a way it feels like my first Christmas for ages.  It's our first Christmas in our new home, it will be Tate's first Christmas and it will be the first Christmas that Gray and I actually eat Christmas dinner together!  We said that when we moved into a house big enough to host Christmas dinner we would then spend it together rather than going our separate ways after breakfast until meeting up again ready for tea and games.  I have started planning it already and although I am pretty bah humbug over some Christmas related things I am already excited!  It's almost time to start the Christmas cakes, I blogged my favourite recipe and some decorating ideas last year - best get thinking about this years cakes!

I can't wait to cook a big dinner and have the people who matter the most sit round my table and share it with us.  I have booked Christmas eve off work so I can make sure I am well prepped and that I have time to do a good selection of desserts.  Obviously that's the most important bit.  It's going to feel so good to tell my parents to put their feet up for a change although knowing my Mum she will struggle to do that and will be helping me in the kitchen anyway.  I am on the look out for some Christmas crafting ideas, I made a Christmas stocking last year and might even turn my hand at a few Christmas cards.

It's going to be so special getting to see this beautiful little boy's face on Christmas day.  I already love the little tinker more than I thought possible and every time his little face lights up when I walk in the room my heart melts.  Being an Auntie is the best thing ever, I get to spoil him and play with him but hand him back if his nappy needs changing.  I am busy trying to find the perfect pressies for him though I know in reality he will probably prefer the wrapping paper anyway.  I bought him a selection of Christmas outfits as part of the baby shower gifts I put together for my Sister and have taken some photos of him in them for this post even though they are all still a little big.  I think I also need to find him a pudding outfit or something equally cute.

I have friends who have announced on facebook that they have already finished their Christmas shopping!  I am not one of these mega organised people and to be honest I don't really need to be.  I have started having a think about what my other loved ones might like but won't start purchasing until November unless I find something that I need to get now.  I am the worlds worst to buy for, Gray has my sympathies.  I really struggle to find things to put on my list as I have usually bought anything I need already.  Have you started making your list yet?

I am definitely going to enjoy decorating the Christmas Tree, we didn't even put one up last year! I am going to get a few sets of these Santa lights, a total steal at only £6.95.  I'm thinking of going for retro styled decorations and lots of felt.  Maybe I will make some of my own, now that is a crafting idea! 

This post is also my entry for the DotComGiftShop's Christmas blogger competition where one lucky blogger will win an iPad mini to celebrate their Christmas range.



  1. Those baby outfits are so cute! I'm slightly gutted that our baby isn't due until January otherwise I would be buying a few outfits. There's always next year though. We are also having chrismas dinner at our house for the first time ever. Although I've got a feeling I might end up being everyone's designated driver! X

  2. I really don't do Christmas, so I haven't even thought about it yet.
    I'm such a Scrooge! Tate looks cute in his outfits, though.

  3. Eeeeek this has gotten me SO excited - sounds like you are too! :D It will be my nephew's first christmas as well, he will be 7 months old. Can't wait to dress him up Christmassy, something like an elf or Christmas pudding! Tate looks so cute in his outfits :) Being an auntie is definitely the best ever!

  4. Awwww so cute! You have made me so excited for the whole of December! I hope you get the Christmas you deserve! xx


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