Thursday, 24 October 2013

Spotlight on... Littlewoods

Littlewoods have come a long way from the catalogue I remember flicking through as a kid, turning the corner of the pages to show my Mum the items I loved.  The day the new catalogue arrived was always a pretty exciting day for me! Haha.  These days you can see the whole collection with the click of a mouse, the way I browse for new must haves might have changed but my love for the dresses hasn't.

I had a browse through the women's dresses at Littlewoods and found some of my favourite dresses including the teapot dress and the French Connection horses dress I blogged recently.    I opened a few of my favourites for a closer look and it turned out they were all from the Holly Willoughby range.  Holly is a similar shape to me (but oh boy do I wish I had her figure!) so a lot of the range are cut in a way that really flatters my bodyshape.  Lots of full skirts and fitted waists, dress perfection!


I can't decide which of the three is my favourite.  I love the colour pop and scalloping on the top lace number, the sleeves earn it bonus points too.  I love anything sequins and combined with the cute collar that makes number two a contender.  But then there is the cut out detail of the red dress and the fact it's red.  Oh decisions!  Which one is your favourite and why?


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  1. The sequin one! But only just...I love the neck detail on the red dress, but anything sparkly is always going to be a winner for me. They're all gorgeous though! :)

    Sarah xx

  2. All of them please. Ok maybe not so much the red one, I'm not big on red, but they're all gorgeous shapes. I should really stop looking too hard at all the gorgeous dresses on your blog until I can have my sewing machine back as it has the potential to bankrupt me!

  3. I don't know why anyone would shop at Littlewoods, they are a complete rip off. Very is owned by the same company and has most of the stock Littlewoods have, yet it's much, MUCH cheaper.

  4. Holly always seems to come out with some gorgeous ranges! All of these dresses are beautiful, I think the top one is my favourite but the red dress is stunning!


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