Friday, 25 October 2013

Princess Sarah

Sarah is actually a Hebrew name meaning princess, pretty apt where this outfit is concerned.  I've been looking for a pretty tutu for a while but haven't been able to find one I love until I spied this beauty from Coast.  It's half price in the sale making it a total bargain and is such lovely quality.  I am still not 100% on the length, it would definitely be more flattering if it was a few inches shorter.  I couldn't resist a look round the rest of the Coast collection whilst there.  How amazing is this dress?? So beautiful.  Not sure where or when I will wear this skirt.  Unfortunately Gray isn't so keen on this skirt.  Actually that's an understatement.  He took one look at it and just said 'No, Sarah'.  Pfffttt.  What does he know anyway?!

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Coast
Shoe Boots: Clarks

You can't really see my lovely shoes that well, they are cute little shoe boots from Clarks.  They are not on the Clarks site though so I will make sure I get some good photos for you next time.  It is getting really hard to take photos outside now, the light is fading fast when I get home from work.

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans



  1. The skirt is a beautiful colour, and style, but I think I would be tempted to shorten it a little, although I guess the fabrics might be a bit of a pain to work with. Happy weekend- I have photos to take because it's now dark when I cycle into work, and too dim to take pics outside when I get home. Think I might have to wander about the new flat and see if I can find an appropriate indoor spot as well, since it's pissing rain.

  2. Boys are stupid and know nothing, tell him I said that ;)

  3. LOVE this skirt! I'm actually a fan of the length - think it would look gorgeous with a cream fluffy cropped jumper and some nude or metallic heels for a night out!

  4. aww I want this skirt!! So girly

    abi from a little dust

  5. I love tutus - would wear them everyday if I could! I bought one from ebay which is a bit longer than yours but I'm struggling to style it so at the moment it is just looking pretty on a hanger on my bedroom wall :)

  6. Omg! The skirt is perfect! I am sooo buying one, once I am a bit slimmer :)

  7. Princess tutus are the best! I really need to get one of my own, preferably in a pretty pastel shade. Japanese fairy kei brands do a lot of really cute ones but they have the opposite problem length wise!
    I love the jumper you paired it with :)

    Florrie x

  8. wow! How pretty and lovely is this outfit <3 I just adore this skirt, it's so pretty Mrs xx


  9. The skirt is beautiful! Every girl needs a princess kind of skirt, clearly men know nothing!! x

    The Little Things

  10. Wow, wow, wow I adore this! I actually like the length too. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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