Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fright Night

A little bit of a contradiction from me today - I really, really dislike fancy dress but I love dressing appropriately for Halloween.  I am not talking about a slutty nurse or sexy zombie costume but items you can wear after long Halloween.  That's gotta be a win/win, yeah!  Asos did have an amazing pumpkin beanie but it seems to have sold out, boooooo!!  I have put together my favourite picks and am still trying to decide what I will be rocking come Halloween.  I have already ordered the little witches hat headband from Crown and Glory and want something equally witching to go with it.

Kigu  |  Jumper  |  Dress  |  Sweater  |  Tights
Nail Wraps  |  Leggings  |  Dress  |  Headband  |  Jumper

Original Attire are running a competition on their Facebook page with the chance to win a £100 voucher to spend on their Heart by Nana Judy range which is where the skull jumper above is from so get entering and you might be able to win your outfit!

Last year I went to a fab Halloween themed party held in the London Dungeons, an event called Look Scary, I painted some super easy Halloween themed nails and I made also some Dexter inspired cupcakes.  This year I fancy making some Halloween inspired cocktails such as the ones I found on Homewetbar.  Would be fab if I could get them to smoke too but think that requires a bit too much investment from me!  I have bought a witches cauldron and some eyeball sweets ready for when the trick or treaters come knocking.  Do you have any plans for Halloween and more importantly what will you be wearing??



  1. I hate halloween so much, masks really frighten me, but love the skull jumper, and also found some awesome skeleton leggings on eBay. Your hat headband will be super cute. Best thing about Halloween though- almost bonfire night!

  2. Awwww Look Scary! It was such a great night, I'm gonna miss you this year! X

  3. I wish my ghost jumper wasn't so big, I'm not sure if I can swap it or not.
    Hope my stripey monster one has arrived as well!

  4. Great post - I love that ghost jumper! :)


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