Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Free Run

You've seen my garage gym and listened to me winge about my lack of progress in the weight loss area so I have decided that I need to talk less and move more.  Pretty simple really ;)  Nothing helps my motivation more than some cute new gear to wear whilst exercising, I have a choice of fab sports bras, a few pairs of hotpants and now some ace new trainers that are not pink and black! I decided it is about time I step out of my comfort zone and moved away from that colour combination.  Thankfully I do not work out in public as I would defo need to wear more clothes if I did, no one wants to see that.

Trainers: Nike Free Run+ 5.0*

The shoes are super comfy and super bright.  I asked twitter for a bit of advice before choosing my new pair and was told that these are lightweight and perfect for use on the treadmill and general gym wear.  I always go for Nike, I find them really supportive and comfortable, are you brand loyal when it comes to trainers?



  1. I don't think I'm ever loyal to tainers full stop. I buy so few but on the rare occasions I do buy them its always nike. I'm actually quite tempted to get some after seeing so many nice ones on blogs and instagram.

  2. I'm not really brand loyal, it's very rarely that I get a new pair of trainers, but I recently had a pair of Nikes and I have to admit I do love them.

  3. I'm brand loyal to Nike as a whole. I won't buy any other sportswear brand - not completely sure why but it was always Nike I gravitated towards in terms of style, and the fit is perfect, and the quality good so it just kind of happened. ;)

    I love your frees! Mines got delivered yesterday and after wearing them all day I'm pretty convinced they're on their way to fitting comfortably (they just felt a bit narrow to start with) - can't wait to try them out! Now go get your butt into that gym and use them ;) x

  4. I love Skechers Go Run 2. They're incredibly light and cushioned - I used to have terrible problems with knee ache after running until I started wearing them.

  5. Very beautiful shoes ;)

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  6. I love Nike, but I love trainers full stop, I wear them most days. I have a pair of saucony's for the gym, but I'd love a pair of Nike free runs xx

  7. How are you finding the Frees? I love mine for cycling in because of the light weight but also the bend in them, love being able to get a full range of movement through my foot. Haven't tried running in them, but T keeps trying to persuade me to get back into it.


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