Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

A little late night post from me.  I'm kinda sulking because I still have most of the sweets in the cauldron :(  Next year we are going to decorate the front of the house so the kids know it's okay to knock, just putting the light on outside the house didn't do the trick.  Gray has promised he will dress up too and I will make more effort than my semi witch outfit.  I was wondering if they thought I am a real life witch, haha.  How amazing is the little witches hat though?!  It's from Crown and Glory of course as is the sparkly skull.

Hat & Skull: Crown and Glory
Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Warehouse via Char
Boots: Shoe Zone*

Char and I realised we owned the same skirt from Warehouse that we both loved but neither could wear because they were the wrong size... so we did a little swap!  Char kindly sent me her 12 and I sent her my 10 and now we are both happy bunnies.  You can't be a tutu and halloween gave me the perfect opportunity to wear it to work! 

I teamed it with my current go to fluffy jumper (I do wear other things occasionally you guys!) and with my new boots from Shoe Zone.  I love the little heel and the stud detailing and they are comfy enough to wear all day long.

Happy Halloween, if any of you fancy some sweets come knock on my door!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday Wants

Okay so a couple of weeks ago I wanted to buy something from asos as I had a great discount code to use up and I couldn't find a single thing.  Nothing.  Nada.  So what happens just after it expires? Loads of AMAZING dresses land in the new in section.  Bloody typical.  I am already the proud owner of the first three, such cute day dresses needed to be snapped up.

I adore the colours in the stained glass windows dress.  It is kinda more skater in shape than smock imo.  I sized down and it fits pretty well whilst still maintaining a bit of smock looseness.  It's a thumbs up from me.  The elephant dress was just too cool not to snap up. It is a massive smock but the fabric hangs really nicely so I think I get away with it.  I couldn't size down on this one as the sleeves would have been too tight.  The colours are so vibrant, it's ace.  Oh foxy!  I tweeted this a couple of days ago and think asos might have sold a fair few that night as I was not the only one who loved it!  I have gone down two sizes and could probs go down another as it is a fairly relaxed fit.  The first and third dresses look like they are the same shape but they are not, the waist on the fox dress is far more relaxed.

These dresses are all a variation on a theme, cute sweetheart necklined prom dresses. I hardly ever flash any cleavage so a sweetheart dress makes a nice change and makes me feel pretty dressed up.  I think I like the middle one best but am not sure about the over the shoulder sleeves.  I would want to wear it with a cardigan so would want to know that they can also be pulled up the shoulder.  If anyone has ordered it, please let me know. 

I bought an ace dress from Ted Baker at the weekend for our wedding anniversary celebrations and am on the lookout for another so one of the above would be perfect, just need to make a decision!  I also need to get a pair of wellies and a new wooly hat ready for our trip to Yorkshire.  We have booked the most beautiful hotel using our F&F competition prize and want to take advantage of the amazing scenery.  If you have any recommendations for the Harrogate area please let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Leopard Lovin'

I love leopard print but haven't been wearing much of it recently.  In fact I can't actually remember the last time I wore it, that's a bit wrong isn't it?!  I spied this skirt on Dorothy Perkins whilst having a little browse online but wasn't sure of the fabric.  I tracked it down in store in Birmingham a couple of weekends ago and have been living in it ever since!  It's just perfect.  If you haven't noticed I have been trying to wear longer skirts and dresses recently but finding them isn't so easy.  Easy to find short or midi but not so easy to find knee length.  So when you do find a skirt that ticks all the boxes wearing it is a dream.  I always feel the need to team leopard with red so decided that my little red heart brooch and red sparkly shoe clips were the required finishing touches.  Would defo add red lipstick too for a night out.  Wearing leopard with red lips always reminds me of the lovely Gemma.

Jumper: Topshop
Shoes: Clarks
Shoe Clips: Head Full Of Feathers

It's finally starting to feel like Autumn now it will be dark before I get home from work.  Shame it's not quite coat weather yet though I am guessing I will be cursing myself for wishing it was a bit colder very soon! haha.  The poor weather can't win ;)  I was in my PJ's at 7pm yesterday as it felt so late.  Still haven't sorted out a pair of slippers but have found a website totally dedicated to slippers, how cool is that?!

I mentioned on twitter the other day that I am thinking of getting some Great Lengths hair extensions in the new year.  I don't want my hair that much longer but I would like it to be a bit longer and more importantly fuller so I am considering getting some and seeing how I get on with them.   I'm lucky that my Brother in law's amazing salon NashWhite have several Great Lengths Certified stylists.  If you are looking for Great Lengths hair extensions in the Warwick and Leamington area I totally recommend NashWhite, they are so passionate about everything they do.  I've been told to think about how I want my hair to look so if you have any thoughts on what you think would look good on me, please let me know!


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Google Nexus 7

Let me set a bit of background here, I am a bit of an Apple geek.  I've had an iPhone since the second generation, I have had three MacBooks, I have an original iPad and an iMac.  I haven't used my iPad much in the last year or so as I find it too bulky to be easily transportable, it doesn't fit in any of my satchels.  The battery life on my iPhone 5 is so poor and my addiction to social networking so bad that I need something else to help me get through the day if I am not near a power source.  I had been holding out for details on the new iPad Mini but that has all changed.  I am leaving you, Apple.

I recently received the new Google Nexus 7 from Argos and despite being uncertain at first I am now well and truly smitten.  There are more apps available than I expected and some of them are just better on android.  Take the instagram app, how amazing does it look on the 7" screen of the Nexus?  The screen resolution is amazing.

I have been using it on the go with my MiFi so I can keep up with twitter and blog whilst I am out and about.  I have been using the Blogger app for drafting and editing blog posts and have been using Evernote to jot down ideas and reminders.  So useful.

I have also lost hours to Candy Crush!  I didn't think it was possible to get so addicted, ooops!  I promise I won't become one of those people who spends hundreds of pounds getting extra lives etc.

I'm still discovering all that this tablet has to offer.  If you have any must have android apps or any sneaky tips that will make my experience even better please let me know in the comments.


*Post in conjunction with Argos* 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Princess Sarah

Sarah is actually a Hebrew name meaning princess, pretty apt where this outfit is concerned.  I've been looking for a pretty tutu for a while but haven't been able to find one I love until I spied this beauty from Coast.  It's half price in the sale making it a total bargain and is such lovely quality.  I am still not 100% on the length, it would definitely be more flattering if it was a few inches shorter.  I couldn't resist a look round the rest of the Coast collection whilst there.  How amazing is this dress?? So beautiful.  Not sure where or when I will wear this skirt.  Unfortunately Gray isn't so keen on this skirt.  Actually that's an understatement.  He took one look at it and just said 'No, Sarah'.  Pfffttt.  What does he know anyway?!

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Coast
Shoe Boots: Clarks

You can't really see my lovely shoes that well, they are cute little shoe boots from Clarks.  They are not on the Clarks site though so I will make sure I get some good photos for you next time.  It is getting really hard to take photos outside now, the light is fading fast when I get home from work.

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Spotlight on... Littlewoods

Littlewoods have come a long way from the catalogue I remember flicking through as a kid, turning the corner of the pages to show my Mum the items I loved.  The day the new catalogue arrived was always a pretty exciting day for me! Haha.  These days you can see the whole collection with the click of a mouse, the way I browse for new must haves might have changed but my love for the dresses hasn't.

I had a browse through the women's dresses at Littlewoods and found some of my favourite dresses including the teapot dress and the French Connection horses dress I blogged recently.    I opened a few of my favourites for a closer look and it turned out they were all from the Holly Willoughby range.  Holly is a similar shape to me (but oh boy do I wish I had her figure!) so a lot of the range are cut in a way that really flatters my bodyshape.  Lots of full skirts and fitted waists, dress perfection!


I can't decide which of the three is my favourite.  I love the colour pop and scalloping on the top lace number, the sleeves earn it bonus points too.  I love anything sequins and combined with the cute collar that makes number two a contender.  But then there is the cut out detail of the red dress and the fact it's red.  Oh decisions!  Which one is your favourite and why?


*Sponsored Post*

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wednesday Wants

Happy Wednesday!  I am trying to jolly myself, it is getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings.  The only thing I don't like about Autumn is all the darkness, it makes it so hard to get moving.  I am also struggling getting enough light to apply my make up in bed, not good!  I am having to remember to go check that I don't look like a clown before I leave the house... think it is time I invested in a good light up bathroom mirror like this one from Zed Lighting.  I have taken to using a torch app on my phone to pluck my eyebrows, not good!

One thing that is bolstering my spirits is this weeks drop of pretties.  I've gone for three very seasonal, very cute and very Sarah dresses.  All three are skater style with sleeves and pretty perfect. I love the contrast of the pleather on this Oasis dress.  I toughens up the floaty fabric nicely and would look fab with a pair of shoe boots. 

Dress: Oasis

Oh velvet, I adore you.  I know some people cannot get past the feel of velvet (the same people who can't touch cotton wool?) but I love it's stroke-ability.  As soon as Autumn arrives I want to snuggle up in velvet and the one thing missing from my wardrobe is a plain black velvet dress.  I have already moved my collection into my main wardrobe ready to crack out.

Dress: asos

I need this dress.  It's pretty much perfect.  Only issue is it is awaiting stock and not expected in for TWO WEEKS.  How can I be expected to wait so long?! Haha.  The mix of vibrant jewel colours are just what the doctor ordered and will brighten even the dullest, darkest day.  You are in my basket baby!

Dress: Very

What are you currently lusting over?  Do you also turn to your wardrobe to lift your spirits?  I am currently wearing a fluffy jumper in the brightest fuchsia pink.  Happy Autumn.


Monday, 21 October 2013

Baby's Got The Blues

I had to work so hard for this outfit.  I first spotted this jumper back when the sun was still shining and it was far too hot to even contemplate trying a jumper on.  So I didn't buy it.  I'll wait til it gets a bit cooler I thought.  Then I forgot about it only to remember that I *needed* it just as it sold out everywhere.  Story of my life!  Thankfully the order in store service came to my rescue and came through for me for the first time ever.  Everything else I have tried to order into store has never appeared but this baby was there waiting for me the very next day, result!

Similar thing with this Whistles skirt.  It will be too long for me I thought...  It's expensive and I am not sure how much wear I will get out of it... what?! It's almost sold out?! I NEED IT!  I tried it on in store in a 10 and although I could do it up the waist band didn't sit well but I loved it!  Thankfully I managed to track a size 12 down though it was pretty touch and go.  Why is it I get obsessed with things once they become hard to find?!  Anyway.  Both items are pretty much perfect and I love them together.  I have since bought this fluffy jumper in three other colourways, I can't resist a fluffy cropped jumper it seems.

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Whistles
Boots: Lotus Shoes*
Necklace: eBay

I am looking for the perfect black skirt right now and I need your help.  I basically want a skirt the same as the above Whistles skirt but not leather.  I want it to be nice quality and to hang nicely and to be a similar length.  I have a thin jersey one from Dorothy Perkins but want something a bit smarter/dressier.  Let me know if you have seen anything please guys!

My hunt for the perfect pyjamas has come to an end though I have yet to order them as I am having issues with the Dotty P's website :(  BOOOO!! I need some cosy slippers and am thinking of these ones from Shuperb Footwear, they look nice and warm and I can work them with the pyjamas. Haha now that is outfit planning. 


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Twinkle Toes

I stumbled on Head Full of Feathers on instagram and instantly fell in love with their amazing shoe clips.  I decided on the rainbow stars and a pair of red hearts (not currently available in the online store but can be made on request), placed my order and waited patiently for my little sparkly package to arrive.  Two days later I was switching my boots of a pair of heels and cooing over the results.  They are so sparkly.  They are so FABULOUS.

I have been in touch with the lovely lady behind this sparkly goodness and Jen has kindly offered up a 15% discount code for you guys!  The code is MILLIONDRESSES and is valid til the end of November.  I am totally smitten and have been back to order a pair of the bow shoe clips already.  The perfect way to add a little sparkle to your outfit and guaranteed to stick a big smile on your face whenever you catch sight of your feet.  I am going to be totally planning my Christmas outfit round a pair of these babies!


Friday, 18 October 2013

I'm a Little Teapot

I am so excited for next week, hopefully there will be a little announcement that a certain iPad Mini 2 is on it's way and I will finally be able to get my hands on one!  It feels like a long time coming since I decided I needed one.  I am going to sell my old iPad and put the money towards it.  I might just have started playing candy crush too... I'm going to lose hours! 

How cute is this little tea party dress?!  It is covered in little teapots, cups and saucers, perfect attire for a tea party I am sure you'll agree.  I refrained from doing the I'm a little teapot moves even if the second photo looks like I am about to bust them out!  I am overdue hosting a tea party for my besties, I promised them one months ago, oops!  My friend Nicola comes back from Korea on the 1st November so I think that's the perfect time for me to turn on the kitchenaid again and whip up a few cakes and I am going to do it wearing this dress.  That's decided then, haha.

Dress: Very*
Cardigan: H&M (old)
Boots: Lotus Shoes*

The dress is pretty perfect ignoring the fabulous print.  It fits really nicely around the waist and hangs well falling just above the knee.  It has elbow length sleeves as shown on one of the photos though it was cardigan weather when I wore it.  It also doesn't feel as if it would suffer from static.  I seem to attract it and am forever suffering my dresses sticking to my tights (a safety pin in the hem seems to make no difference by the way).  Almost as annoying as those dreaded creases. 

The teapots also have splashes of purple in them so I now want a purple cardigan to rock with this beauty.  I would like it to be fluffy too and obviously cropped... anyone seen any?  Fluffy isn't critical tbh more of a nice to have.  Can't believe cropped cardigans are still so hard to come by, come on retailers I can't be the only one struggling to find them.  Help a girl out!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fright Night

A little bit of a contradiction from me today - I really, really dislike fancy dress but I love dressing appropriately for Halloween.  I am not talking about a slutty nurse or sexy zombie costume but items you can wear after long Halloween.  That's gotta be a win/win, yeah!  Asos did have an amazing pumpkin beanie but it seems to have sold out, boooooo!!  I have put together my favourite picks and am still trying to decide what I will be rocking come Halloween.  I have already ordered the little witches hat headband from Crown and Glory and want something equally witching to go with it.

Kigu  |  Jumper  |  Dress  |  Sweater  |  Tights
Nail Wraps  |  Leggings  |  Dress  |  Headband  |  Jumper

Original Attire are running a competition on their Facebook page with the chance to win a £100 voucher to spend on their Heart by Nana Judy range which is where the skull jumper above is from so get entering and you might be able to win your outfit!

Last year I went to a fab Halloween themed party held in the London Dungeons, an event called Look Scary, I painted some super easy Halloween themed nails and I made also some Dexter inspired cupcakes.  This year I fancy making some Halloween inspired cocktails such as the ones I found on Homewetbar.  Would be fab if I could get them to smoke too but think that requires a bit too much investment from me!  I have bought a witches cauldron and some eyeball sweets ready for when the trick or treaters come knocking.  Do you have any plans for Halloween and more importantly what will you be wearing??


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday Wants

I am still on the hunt for the perfect tartan dress... tartan is everywhere, I don't know why I am finding it so hard?!  I like the look of the Primark white collared dress but don't have a Primark in my town and haven't been able to make a trip to one to go and hunt.  I usually hate the way their dresses look on me anyway but it is oh so cute.  I thought I had found one on Designer Desirables whilst having a browse and got all excited but it turned out to be a rather fantastic coat!  I can't believe it is only £60, an absolute steal!

I do love the colours and print of this Boohoo dress but am worried it would just be too long on me, I have got used to knee length but anything longer unfortunately just doesn't work on me.  Anyone got this dress?

Dress: Boohoo

I am getting tempted by monochrome again too, it is turning my head once more!  I adore this French Connection dress and am thinking it needs to make it's way into my wardrobe.  The shape is perfect and when you get close the print is little dots rather than gingham as it looks in the photo below.  I got a pair of white shoes the other day that would look ace with this dress and a pair of black tights.

I think my eyes might have popped out of my little head when I first laid eyes on this beauty by Jovonnista.  I love the pleather collar, the splashes of colour and obviously the cute shape.  What's not to love?!  The largest size they offer is a size 12 which usually means that it is not actually even a size 12... anyone know what the sizing is like?  If it is true to size I have found a new dress!

Dress: Topshop

I do love a good Casio.  I adore my current heart ticker Casio and loved my previous gold metal strapped Casio but am itching for a little mix up so I thought this one from The Watch Hut would be the best of both worlds.  The comfy leather strap mixed with the easy to read digital face - no more getting hours mixed up, haha!

Watch: Casio

What are you lusting over this week?


Monday, 14 October 2013

Music To My Ears

I am a sucker for a cute print and Sugarhill Boutique hands down produce the cutest of them all.  I squealed when I first saw this beautiful dress, the hand drawn gramophone print is so adorable.  The dress is available in a choice of navy or khaki.  I seem to have embraced navy in a pretty big way recently and am even tackling my fear of mixing black and navy here.  It wasn't easy, I did almost switch up the tights and boots but decided to suck it up and go for it.

I have been after some cut out boots for a while but haven't been able to find any that are just right.  These beauties from Missguided have ended my search.  I love the look of lace up boots but hate how long they take to get on your feet, I am usually been moaned at for taking too long anyway.  They have sneaky little zips up the back so you can get them on and off in a hurry.  Result!  I love the chunkiness of the boots against the pretty, delicateness of the dress.  They toughen the outfit up without being too much.

Boots: Missguided*

I've been wearing my little felt heart a fair bit recently.  It was pinned to the bow on the back of my wedding dress so is really precious and I have decided it deserves to be worn and not stuck in a memories box.  I think it sets this dress off perfectly and means I don't need to stick a necklace on and can keep it simple.  Beautiful.

It's getting harder to get decent lighting outside for outfit photos, I only really have chance to do them when I get back from work and as you can see the shoes are getting a bit lots in the full length photos.  What do you guys do to get around the lighting issues Autumn and Winter bring?  Once it gets too cold I am going to have to move inside - no prancing around in a dress in the snow for me (you wait, you can bet I will do one outfit now I've said that!)  What can I do to improve the lighting that won't cost a packet?


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