Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What Did You See Today?

Boots got in touch and asked if I would like to be involved in their campaign for National Eye Health Week.  I have been challenged to photograph the different stages of my day to show you the world through my eyes.  I chose to do it on Saturday as I am sure not many of you would be interested in seeing my working day, haha. 

My eyes are really important to me.  I am short sighted and need to wear either glasses or contact lenses, I can see outlines without them but couldn't read a single word on the television even if I got pretty close.  I have had iritus before (in both eyes at the same time, ouch!) and make sure I take extra care with my eye health even though I do wear my lenses for more hours than I should.  I use daily disposables so there is no chance of me passing on any germs by poor cleaning.  I have a contact lense check which also includes checking the health of my eyes every year as well as a full eye check every two years.  For more information on eye health please click here or to book an eye check please click here.

First thing I do each morning is reach for my glasses.  I then set about boring stuff I wasn't going to photograph such as having a shower and brushing my teeth.  I like to put my make up on whilst in bed and Gray kindly bought me a cup of tea.  I don't wear my glasses much during the day as I find it a chore so I put in my lenses before I up. 

Once I have finished my make up I then set about deciding what to wear.  I loved the outfit I chose which included my new red boots.  I then put a few things in my suitcase getting ready for my trip to Copenhagan.

We then took a trip to Coventry (both of my hands are on the wheel btw, Gray took the photo!) where we had brunch.  I had another cup of tea followed with a full english - how big?!

We did a spot of shopping and I tried on the H! by Henry Holland panda dress but it wasn't for me.  We then came home and chilled for a bit watching Robots with another cup of tea and a little slice of cake - yum!

These two pests then came to visit.  Tate has started to move around now but not quite crawl.  He wanted to climb all over me and with a face that cute how can you say no?!  Oreo is a little scamp, he might look super cute but he is obsessed with face wipes so I went up to my bedroom to find the bin ransacked and everything everywhere!

I then cooked a roast for Gray and I and made a batch of overnight oats ready for breakfast on Sunday.  We watched Moonrise Kingdom before retiring for the night.  The last thing I do each night is remove my contact lenses.

We all take our eyes for granted, just imagine how different life would be if you couldn't see the world around you.  Horrifying.  I hope you enjoyed the little insight to my life!

* This post is part of a campaign by Boots for National Eye Health Week. It is not a sponsored post, I have taken part because my eyes are important to me and it sounded fun!  



  1. How often are you supposed to have your eyes tested? I can never remember. I know it's been more than a year since my last one and I was told then that by the next test my right eye would need a lens :(

  2. Meant to have them done every two years I think.

  3. I envy that you only have to have a full eye check every 2 years, mine is every 6 months, hello useless eyes.


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