Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wednesday Wants

How cute is this spotty little River Island number?  Kinda grown up school girl, in the best possible way obviously.  Will look fab with a pair of burgundy boots and a slouchy cardigan.  It's a nice dark green colour, wonder if I will obsess over dark green again this A/W?!  It's limited edition and already sold out in a few prices, at just £22 it is a total steal.

Dress: River Island

I might have gotten a bit too excited when I spotted this beautiful cobalt blue dress!  I adore the colour, it is so striking and I think it looks great with my orange hair.  I also love crepe, it doesn't crease too badly and is a lovely weight so it always hangs really well.  I have a similar dress from Topshop from earlier in the year and it's fab!  Need to go find out what I have done with that brooch too, ooops!

Dress: Topshop

I love, love, love this version of the Abigail dress by Emily & Fin.  Purple is my favourite colour but is pretty hard to wear without looking either like a goth or a witch (imho!) but this print turns that on it's head and makes it gloriously girlie.  I am going to be making this mine with the help of a 10% off code from Aspire Style - million10  Don't forget you can enter my giveaway to win an Emily & Fin Dress here.

I've been looking longingly at a few watches this month and this one by Lulu Guiness is coming out on top at the moment, I do love a good bit of monochrome and this watch is the perfect mix of girlie with a hint of masculinity.  Way more affordable than one of their clutches and for me more practical.

I have tweeted a few times about wrinkles appearing recently, something which I guess is inevitable but which I kinda thought I was a bit immune to.  I do not use any fancy lotions or potions and asked for advice on twitter a week or so ago.  Boots No7 eye creams came highly recommended so I am giving one a go and keeping my fingers crossed that it works for me.  If not I am going to be hot footing it off to MYA for a bit of botox to chase the years away.  If you have found a reasonably priced miracle cream please let me know, I will love you forever!


  1. That first dress is so incredibly you! I'm loving the blue one.

    Also, Clinique wrinkle creams are fantastic. I may only be 24 but I'm staving off wrinkles for as long as I can!

  2. Make sure you invest in that watch Sarah!

  3. Loving that green dress, had my eye on it for a while...just haven't got round to hitting 'buy' yet! xx

  4. I love that River Island dress, it's gorgeous! Lucy xx


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