Monday, 23 September 2013

Too Much Fun

A little (a lot) late with today's post.  I was suffering from the horriblest headache yesterday so couldn't face looking at the laptop screen when I returned home from a lovely weekend at Rosie's.  Big apologies to Char for sleeping most of the journey, it really was too bad to stay away.  Also sorry for snorting, haha!  I had a great weekend ignoring the stupid headache.  Lots of laughter, food and generally great company.

Earlier this month Gray took to the blog as part of a Chinos style challenge for F&F, voting has now opened and you can vote for your favourite looks here.   Gray is third from bottom and would love every vote you can give him.  You need to vote for your three favourites but I am sure Gray takes two of those spots! haha.

I have been eying up this dress for a while but as it is exclusive to Modcloth I have been putting off buying it.  I was hoping there would be an easier way to get my hands on it, seems odd having to ship a dress from America that was made by a British company.  Alas the only way I could make it mine was to give in and order it.  There are three other versions I really want so I thought I would do a test order to see how long it would take to arrive and how much it would end up costing me after import charges.  I went for the cheapest postage option and once converted the dress & postage cost me £62 which is pretty good - the dresses retail between £55-£59 here excluding any p&p charges.  The dress took just over a week to arrive, again that was really reasonable BUT I had to part with a further £18 in charges when I picked it up meaning it cost me around £20 more than if I had of been able to buy it in the UK, I don't know about you but I really cannot justify paying an extra third.  If only Modcloth would open a UK distribution centre, I would spend so many of my hard earned pennies with them if they did.  Modcloth have loads of the Lucy dress, they call it too much fun if you fancy searching.

Cardigan: M&S (V.Old)
Boots: Lotus Shoes*

I thought the spots were also blue but it turns out they are more of a minty green colour.  I decided to keep it simple and pair it with black tights, cardigan and boots.  This is defo a dress that will work well all year round and I love the way the Modcloth stylist has teamed it a yellow necklace though I am thinking yellow cardi!  Look at the abuse I have to put up from Gray whilst getting my outfits snapped, doesn't he take all the best photos :-/ 

Since visiting the Trollbeads head office last week I have been thinking of getting one of their beads and leather bracelet combos.  One of the designers was wearing one and it looked lush.  I am not one for multiple beads but loved the simplicity of a single bead and also loved that you could switch it about to co-ordinate with various outfit - something I love (over)doing!  I love this blue bead that I found on Market Cross Jewellers for a bargain price of £13, wouldn't it look fab with this dress!


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  1. I love the fact that the polka dots are mint, but not the difficulty in ordering them - we need a PO box address in the States.


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