Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Sweets

No baking in this Sunday Sweets I'm afraid, I have decided to take a little break from baking as I just don't need the temptation.  As of tomorrow I am back in the game and have given up cake and take-outs til I lose 14lbs... lets hope I get to eat cake again one day. Haha!  I have decided to create a kinda wishlist post of things that always make me feel a little happier in myself.  Things like knowing you're wearing gorgeous matching underwear under that slobby dress or that you have beautifully painted toes hidden in your shoes.  Not that things need to be hidden to make you feel good but that does add to the 'only I know why I am smiling' smile!

So on to that gorgeous underwear...  I am quite taken by this set, I do love a bit of retro styling.  Gray if you're reading this you know my size!

Underwear: Huit

I've seen a lot of debate in the beauty world over the 1D make up range so I am probs going to get a few raised eyebrows at this choice but a friend has told me this lipstick is really good!  And for a whole £3 it's worth a try.  Though to be fair she is pretty obsessed with 1D to the point she keeps taking this quiz and cheating so she ends up with Harry so she might be a bit biased!!

A cute pair of heels do wonder for your legs and your confidence.  I always feel more powerful when I am wearing heels though that could just be me!  I adore these, not sure I would ever have an occassion to wear them but who cares about that?!

Shoes: Melissa

I love delicate jewellery and dinky bracelets and this love friendship bracelet by Daisy Knights is just perfect.

 Bracelet: Original Attire

I'm coming to the end of my two current bottles of perfume and am on the look out for something new.  I am currently using Daisy and Dot and though I love them both I am thinking of giving Honey a go next purely because the bottle is so damn cute!  I haven't actually smelt it yet but have loved all of the other Marc Jacobs perfumes.

What puts a cheeky little smile on your face?


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