Monday, 16 September 2013

My Perfect Coat

If you follow me on instagram you will have already have seen my excited face when I got my hands on this coat.  Almost as excited as I was when I first found it online, haha - see this tweet.  I cannot wait til I can wear it daily, at the moment I am making do with stolen moments.  I am so glad I managed to get my hands on it, I was worried it was going to sell out before I could make it mine.  Although I am now thinking I might have to get a back up just in case something does happen to it.  Oh the fear!

I am sure some of you will think I am a bit crazy getting so excited by something as basic as a new coat but I have honestly been searching for YEARS for this coat.  Granted, I didn't know I wanted bows on the pockets and am so happy that they make the coat even cuter.  I am quite demanding when it comes to my perfect coat, it has to meet up to the standards set by my Warehouse coat which has proven really hard to out do.  The perfect coat has to - be full skirted, single breasted, warm, red and most of all flattering.  I would have been happy with a black version of this coat too but the fact it's red makes it PERFECT. 

It needs to work with all outfits, be it pretty day dresses worn with boots of a sparkly little number and heels - not an easy task.  I also must not crease, I hate creases on dresses but they are even worse on a coat.   I am so happy to have finally found a coat that meets my high expectations, thank you Miss Selfridge!

Dress: French Connection
Boots: Lotus Shoes*

Whilst I am enjoying wearing my new coat I can't say I am enjoying wanting to put the heating on each evening, can't have it both ways I guess?!  I have been looking for a cozy blanket to snuggle up with on the sofa, I really like this one from HushHush grey would work well but I might hang out for an orange one, has anyone seen one?

Blanket: HushHush

I'll be on my way to Copenhagen whilst you're reading this, eeekk!! So excited.



  1. I have honestly never seen anyone so happy as when I saw your tweet about this! It's so lovely, glad you found it :) xx

  2. It does look perfect on you!

  3. Lovely coat, it really suits you :)! x

  4. THE COAT OF DREAMS! This is so lovely, I am SERIOUSLY tempted to buy it!

    Maria xxx

  5. Oh my, that is gorgeous and pretty close to perfection! No wonder you love it!

  6. That is indeed a perfect coat. Love the bow detailing.


  7. I love it, it does look pretty perfect!

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  8. Oh gosh, that coat is marvelous!! It's a great shape, and the bows are perfect.

    xox Sammi

  9. I absolutely love the coat outfits you put together, Very pretty! :) Super cute looks :) Red Carpet Prom Dresses


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