Friday, 6 September 2013

Little Black Spotty Dress

I can smell the weekend!  This week has whizzed by, helped partly by my new found ability to sleep now my lovely dentist has fixed my poorly teeth.  Weeks don't half drag on when you only get an hour or so of sleep each night.  I am feeling chirpy and it is great!  My general mood has been helped by the news that Autumn is fast approaching.  I wore my new boots yesterday (coming to a blog post soon!) and am so excited to start wearing my beautiful coat.

I spend most of my lunch breaks at my local retail park and am happy that Debenhams is opening there really soon, we haven't had a Debenhams in Leamington for longer than I can remember but my Mum assures me we used to have one.  I am excited for another option to brighten up my lunch breaks although I will no doubt end up spending too many pennies.  I am hoping for a Chanel counter in their beauty section as there is only one place in Leamington you can buy Chanel and they never have what I need in stock. 

I actually managed to get a bargain on eBay, this never happens to me! I got this dress for a whole £30, it looks like it has only been worn once or twice and originally retailed at £180, wowzers.  It is such a lovely fabric, it's really thick and hangs beautifully.  I have teamed it with my favourite cardigan and my new T-bar court shoesChie Mihara make such beautiful shoes.  Sigh.   Back in my black opaques too and boy it feels good.  I think I get more excited about Autumn than a kid at Christmas. 

Dress: Jaeger Boutique via eBay
Cardigan: H&M (v.old)
Shoes: Chie Mihara*

I got a few pangs of jealousy talking to a colleague yesterday about the house she is in the process of buying.  We were talking home decor and her chosen colour schemes and it made me realise just how much I miss having something to plan.  No weddings or new houses left for me to plan :(  I need a new crafty hobby.  I have stopped baking at the moment as I don't need the temptation of cake,  I love blogging and will be using our gym as often as possible but need something crafty alongside it.  What are your hobbies and what would you recommend I have a look at?  Nothing too expensive to start up would be ideal.



  1. What an absolute bargain of a dress Sarah! Love it!

  2. Your more than welcome to come and plan my wedding for me! Ha! I just don't seem to have time right now :(
    Glad your feeling better now you've been to the dentist - I've still got mine to come.

    Jenni x

  3. Lovely dress and I love autumn too! I sometimes make birthday or Christmas cards which is quite a fun, crafty hobby. I also used to make friendship bracelets for myself and friends x

  4. That dress looks gorgeous on you X

  5. That dress is beautiful and looks amazing with the blue cardi. It's such a nice shape and looks lovely on you. I am trying to find a new hobby but I want an active hobby - at the moment I don't get wildly excited about going to the gym so I'd like something that's good for me but fun at the same time. I'm considering joining a netball team or going back to karate! :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. Love this dress on you, super flattering :) I'm with you in the baking at the moment, love doing it but don't need the temptation...need to get my arse in gear and start blogging again! Xx

  7. That dress is a total beauty!! :)

  8. I've just styled a dress very similar to this one, why don't you check out my blog for a new way of styling a dress? :) xx

  9. Perfect for the incoming miserable weather: cross stitch and knitting! xx

  10. This dress is lovely, the polka dots are so pretty!

    Maria xxx


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