Monday, 30 September 2013

Limited Edition

Marks and Spencer are having a good season, you know this to be the case when you see blogs full of M&S wishlists and girls who usually stick to 'younger' high street stores popping into M&S to get that must have item.  I usually only visit M&S for underwear, cardigans and food (three things they do better than most I must add)  It was on a trip looking for some navy tights that I spotted these red boots.  I had been looking for some red flats to wear with this Abigail dress with no avail so couldn't believe my luck when I spotted these.  I thought red boots would be a bit garish but boy was I wrong.  They are so bloody comfy too and come in black if you don't want your boots to be so in your face.  My love of these boots combined with the blog posts popping up all over the place got me to looking through the rest of the collection which is when I decided I also needed the tartan flight bag.  And it is a beauty I am sure you will agree.  It has a cross over strap too but I have been happy swinging it around the last couple of days.  I am keeping my eye on the new arrivals section to see if there are any more must have items.

Bag: M&S
Boots: M&S

I will share this dress with you again soon, it is pretty cute but I am not sure it's worth the price tag if I am absolutely honest.  It's only really in this post as I didn't want a dress that would distract from the boots and bag and it wouldn't have been a good move to be in my bra and pants.  Ha!  I couldn't get this dress out of my head so went ahead and ordered it.  I needed a dress the night it arrived so it got worn, if I hadn't it might have been a return.  Don't get me wrong I do like it and it is a pretty good staple but I could have got a few dresses for the same price and may have loved them more.  I am resisting the urge to buy so many boots at the moment!  Rosie has a pair of cut out boots from New Look that I think I need in my life, I love so many of their current leather Chelsea boot designs too. 

I hope you all had a good weekend, I had a lovely relaxing one.  I was good and didn't treat myself to any further dresses even though the temptation was high!  I did treat Gray to some jeans from Intro Clothing though, think that is my way of easing my spending guilt!   We helped my parents buy themselves an iMac too and that has now made me want an iPad mini so much!  I have an original iPad but don't make much use of it as it doesn't fit easily into most of my bags but the mini would.  Hurry up and release the next model please Apple!

What are your must have items from M&S this season?



  1. Their Limited Collection range always has some fab things in it. The shoes are always a right bargain too. Dunno why people don't shop there more!

  2. Well you know what my answer is going to be already - coat coat coaty coat!
    Those boots are fab but I did buy myself a pair of the cheapo version of those red studded Zara boots everyone went MENTAL for last year, right at the end of the winter and I haven't yet worn them, so do I really need another pair of flat red boots...? Hmmm.

  3. I've been drooling over your red boots Sarah!

  4. I always manage to spot something in m&s when I pop in with my mum. Limited collection have some great stuff and I've really got my eye on a squirrel jumper in there. I love their coats at the moment too. X

  5. Really want about 10 things from M&S at the moment including the tartan scarf and a leather skirt x

  6. Both of the items are sold out! You have done a good sales pitch for M&S XX

  7. I love those boots... Might have to take a look in M&S sometime... xx

  8. M&S have some really lovely things at the moment! LOVE these boots and that dress is cute, if only I could steal it off you ;)

    Maria xxx

  9. M&S have been my secret weapon for shoes for years, and people are always amazed. I do like a lot of their other stock, but find my local one always has really odd sizes in store!


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