Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hey Square Eyes

There is nothing I love more than getting in from a hard day at work and relaxing in front of the television with my phone in hand.  There are not many programmes I watch religiously but I do love it when there is a good old debate going on over on twitter at the same time.  In fact I haven't even watched the last episode of the crowd pleasing The Great British Bake Off, yet the day after it was aired I found myself in the dessert section of Sainsbury's adding a trifle to my basket.  The power of television amplified by social media.

It is a bit embarrassing to admit this, there are only two of us in our household yet we have four television sets.  I know some of you are not fans of having a television in the bedroom but personally for me it is my favourite place for a catch up.  I love lying on the bed reading my favourite blogs with the television on in the background or getting ready each morning whilst listening to the BBC news.  We have a super duper LED TV which can connect to the internet meaning I can also watch iPlayer on my television which is far more enjoyable than watching it on my laptop.

I came across the following infographic detailing the biggest television broadcasts of all time. I was surprised at how many people watched the Cricket World Cup, I had no idea it was so popular!  I'm glad to see one of my favourite television events for tweeting along with listed, Eurovision.  If you haven't experienced watching Eurovision and live tweeting you are missing out!

It would have been great to witness one of these iconic moments on one of Sony's LED TV range.  I love the way they look, they are so sleek you could easily mistake them for a picture frame when wall mounted.  The Sony Entertainment Network offers a choice of HD movies, music and tv channels along with apps such as Twitter, YouTube and Skype.  I haven't tried using Skype on my television yet, that had been added to my to do list! The technologies on these TVs today are so varied- from built in internet connection to Full HD 3D and 4K Ultra HD viewing... I think I'll be spending my winter nights stuck in my room!

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