Friday, 20 September 2013

Hey, Sailor

Something a little more summery today, I wore this a week or so ago though it seems like ages ago now I am happily snuggled up in my black opaques.  It's another Emily and Fin dress this time called Jessica.  I already have a Lucy in this fabric so held out for the sale and then snapped her up at Aspire.  They still have a couple available for the bargain price of £34.50 if you're quick.  Whenever I wear anything remotely nautical it always reminds me of Rosie and her tattoos, this dress would look great on her.  I have been wearing red a lot recently, I think it's the impact of my new coat!  I have to say I do love the way red looks with my hair though am still worried that red dress, coat and boots is a bit overkill ;)

Trainers: Converse

I've started digging through my brooch collection again, I wore the red felt heart that was attached to my wedding dress whilst in Copenhagen and have managed to find loads of lovely ones at Jon Richard.  I really like this one and this one from Mood.  They are still pretty hard to find but not as hard as a few years ago when I had to resort to making my own!

I'm off to spend the weekend at Rosie's, am so looking forward to a chilled weekend with Rosie and Char.  I am so exhausted after a very crazy week!



  1. OHMYGOODNESS! Thanks for reminding me about this dress! They had one left in my size AND I can breastfeed in it AND it's on sale! YAY! xx

  2. I love everything about this dress!

  3. Sarah yet another wonderful beauty!

  4. This dress is SO lovely, I really love the print! I agree that it would look awesome on Rosie too :)

    Maria xxx

  5. Oh I love this dress, the shape looks perfect on you! xx


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