Thursday, 12 September 2013

Guided Tour - The Garage Gym

One of the big benefits of having an integral garage in our new home is that it can double up as another room.  We are not allowed to actually fully convert it into a living space so have instead given it a coat of paint (almost! Gray got lazy) and made it into a gym.  We have spent a bit on some swanky equipment but it will still cost us less than a gym membership each for a year (£65 a month, are you serious?!)  We will be adding rubber flooring but for the time being have laid an off cut of carpet down in the 'dvd' area.  Just need to decide where to put that TV and get some inspirational posters for the walls.

Gray was desperate to fill up the gym and asked for a treadmill for his 30th so we clubbed together and got this one from Amazon.  It's really good!  I like walking fast on a high incline whilst Gray uses it to run on.  Only problem is it is REALLY heavy hence the reason not all the wall has been painted yet.

The most recent addition to the gym is this Everlast multi-gym again purchased on Amazon.  I haven't used it much as it's only been assembled for a few days but am embarrassed to add that I can only do most things if they are set on the lightest weight... something to work on!

We bought this rowing machine via a friend as Gray was after some alternative cardio to running.  Again I find it really hard but am enjoying giving it a go.  Don't have any excuses now do I?!

We also got a punch bag set so I can let out some aggression, I do enjoy kicking and punching! The bag only mind, not people.

I also got myself a step and we have a selection of hand weights that we have collected over the years.   I have also got a kettlebell but haven't plucked up the courage to use it yet.  I would like to get a few other items that don't take up much room as we would still like to keep a clear space for doing DVDs such as the 30 Day Shred.   I was browsing Dance Direct the other day and saw this thigh shaper, wonder if that will help me with the ever elusive thigh gap?! We still have to keep the plastic boxes for the recycling in the gym but have moved the bins out so have a bit more space.

Panache kindly sent me a sports underwear set to try out so I have been putting it to the test in our little gym.  My previous sports bra was such a faff to get on and off, so hard when you've got all hot and sweaty to then try and pull something tight over your head.  It just gets stuck and I then have to call Gray to come help me get out of it.  Not my finest look!  This one does up at the back like a regular bra but unlike a regular bra there is no chance of any bounce or the slightest bit of movement. I love the colour combination of this set too, grey and purple is one of my favourite combinations.

New gym wear is really motivating and seeings as I don't even have to leave the house I can get away with wearing just a sports bra on top which keeps me nice and cool.  I wouldn't inflict that image on the general public, haha.  

How do you motivate yourself to work out?  Are there any exercises I must do using the equipment I already have or any equipment you think is lacking?  Any advice is much appreciated.



  1. I am so envious of your garage gym, if I had one I'd be in there all the time! I love our spa/gym but it sometimes feels a faff to get all ready, pack a gym bag and go and there's always something I've forgotten (worst was when I forgot a change of clothes and had to put my sweaty Zaggoras back on post-swim - gross!) I have the same kettlebell and would massively recommend a kettlebell DVD, the one I have is amazing, let me know if you fancy it and I'll send you the link xxx

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. I do love my gym and I think that if I had one at home I would be less likely to use it, more easy to make an excuse if you're at home and there are other things to distract you.

    I've managed to fit the gym / swim / spin routine into my life quite well and don't often miss it as I'm quite good once something is engrained in my routine.

    All I need now is to mix up my gym workout a bit- I hate the rowing machine as well - and to get some new sports wear. Starting with these undies, please!

  3. I've got a rowing machine at home and I really like it! It helps that there's a tv right next to it and I can chug out 5k in around 25 mins so that's the length of an episode of something entertaining :) Otherwise I shove on a podcast and as long as I'm concentrating on something else it doesn't seem like so much of a chore.

    I try and mix it up a bit and that helps with motivation - I can do my evening swim Mon, Tues & Wed so try and row or Shred on the other days (sometimes both if I'm feeling keen).

  4. Pretty jealous you have your own little gym - it looks great!
    I love the look of that sports bra - most of them just go over your head which is so annoying! I bought one recently which does up at the back, but I still have to put it over my head. It's easier than most though!

  5. Love this; wish I had the space to do the same! Try the Kettleworx DVDs if you want to get using them - the guy is totally condescending & makes you want to punch him in the face, but its ideal for beginners :)

  6. id love gym at home!! itd encourage me todo even a little bit daily . especially good on a rainy day when im usually put off going out to the gym. I lovedthe rower for results but im keem to try a kettle bellvideo! x

  7. Oh my god, I am so jealous Sarah! I'd love a gym like this. The lateral pull down on the multi gym (the handle bar hanging at the front) is my favourite thing ever - goodbye back fat!, hello nice toned back! x

  8. Wow, that's amazing- I'm so jealous! That underwear set looks lovely, although I have to admit I am slightly confused as to the purpose of sports knickers. I mean, obviously a sports bra is designed to keep your girls under control. But what are the knickers meant to do other than match? :-)

    Nat x

  9. I love this but I think Char is right, I would be even less likely to go and exercise!

    Maria xxx


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