Tuesday, 10 September 2013

F&F Couples Challenge

I have a slightly different outfit post today, I am not in a single picture! I did take the photos and I did pick one of the outfits.  I have to admit to coming over a bit weak at the knees when I looked back through the snaps.  Gray has done a better job at an outfit post than I could and looks very swoony!  I will stop drooling over my husband in public now ;)  I actually buy most of Gray's clothes, not because he is short on style but because he is too lazy to be bothered to find stuff he likes.  Oh and obviously it helps ease my guilt when I buy yet another dress, hehe.

F&F set us a chino based outfit challenge.  We were let loose with £100 to both style up a pair of chinos.  We decided to use the same pair of boots and then set about adding our outfits to the basket.  I can't reveal which outfit is styled by me and which one is Gray's handy work but think we both did well though I obviously edged it, haha!  I'm not going to go into any detail over each outfit as I think I will give away who styled which one so will let the photos do the talking...

 Chinos  /  Boots

Outfit One

Outfit Two

A pair of Aviators would have finished both looks off but we decided that Gray should be seen without hiding behind sunglasses for a change!  The challenge includes being entered into a competition with some other fab bloggers and their partners, I don't know the details yet but voting starts on the 18th September and I will be sure to let you know on here and no doubt with several zillion tweets.  He defo gets my vote!  The prize is a weekend away in a 4* hotel which would be just perfect for our 2nd Anniversary, if you were thinking of buying us a card just give Gray a vote instead ;) haha.

Which look is your favourite?  Show Gray some love in the comments, he is feeling a bit nervous having his face plastered over my little corner of the internet.



  1. Aww, there is no way in a billion years my other half would do this!
    I love the peacoat outfit. I think he looks very at ease in these photos, I suspect he was making eyes at his photographer ;o)

  2. You look great in these photos, Gray!
    Love the peacoat, but the cardigan is great as well and I can't tell which outfit was styled by whom.
    Will we see you on the blog more often? x

  3. love them both! gray looks great and is a natural!

  4. Gray looks like such a natural! Both outfits suit him, but I think the peacoat has my vote as my favourite! And now I'm hoping that's the one you chose! ;) x

  5. I'm loving seeing all these couples posts around! I think Gray looks very swarve in the right pic with that jacket.

    The prize sounds fab, but so many lovely bloggers are taking part it'll be hard to choose!

  6. My boyfriend POINT BLANK refuses to be anywhere near my blog, so kudos to you and Gray! Both look good, but I've a sucker for a peacoat, so have to go for that! xx

  7. Aww Gray looks great here, maybe he needs to start blogging?! ;) LOVE that coat, perfect for winter!

    Maria xxx

  8. Both outfits look great. I think I will have to order the grey chinos for my hubby too.

  9. loving the coat, might have to drag danny to tesco to try one on too! Also kudos for going for the grey chinos instead of the normal beigey colour xo

  10. Gray looks awesome, no need to be nervous! I think the coat outfit looks the best out of the two. x

  11. Aaaw look at his serious pose face. Love the second outfit x

  12. Swoon away, he is quite lovely! What a fun challenge and Gray is a good sport. The coat looks super, best of luck x

  13. I need to talk Tom into doing something like this! Gray looks great. Outfit 2 is my fave.


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