Thursday, 26 September 2013

CK One Eye Shadow Review

Today I have a first for a million dresses - an eye shadow review.  I was asked if I would like to review a mystery product from CK One and said yes please thinking it would most likely be a new perfume as I had no idea they had a make up line, and these gorgeous eye shadows arrived!  I have to say this beauty blogging is hard work! Who knew getting photos of swatches and of my face without looking too much like a wally was so taxing!  Please be kind, this has been kinda stressful!  I have had a look through the range on Debenhams and have now added this quad, this lipstick and this nail polish to my wishlist.  The colours are fab and I love the sleek packaging.  Anyways onto the eye shadows...

The packaging confused me at first, I couldn't work out why I couldn't open the lid.  Until I realised it's a swivel lid, doh!  The top of the lids are clear so you can see the colour in each which is a big advantage if like me you hoard the same brand so they all end up looking the same and it takes forever to find the actual colour you are looking for.

Applied dry

Applied wet

100 Expose - a pretty nude pink 
200 Obsessed - a dark aubergine purple
400 Ironic - a french navy blue

720 Evolved - a taupe brown
810 Fearless - a black shadow with gold glitter

The eye shadows are priced at £12 each and are available to buy from Debenhams

The eye shadows are highly pigmented and can be applied dry or wet for a more intense look.  They all have an element of shimmer which I personally prefer but I know some of you like your eye shadows matte.  I have been wearing Ironic, a french navy blue, wet along the lash line and it lasts all day without smudging.  This is definitely my favourite of the colours I tried and I definitely prefer to apply them wet.



  1. I received the exact same shades and I adore them. The formula is lovely and they colours are very pretty. I love how you used the blue as a liner. It looks fab!

  2. Ooooo evolve is my favourite. I love a neutral!

  3. better than most beauty bloggers miss! x

  4. So nice to see you doing a beauty post at last! :) Looking lovely and I like how you used this shade as eyeliner. :) X

  5. I love the pop of blue! You can often pick up discounted CK cosmetics online but I've never tried an eyeshadow. I have a bright red nail polish which is one of my faves. These look gorgeous! x

  6. haha this is what the snapchat photos were all about... love it as a liner. I saw the stand in Debenhams the other day, will have to try that lovely evolved, good everyday colour xx


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