Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday Wants

I have started my hunt for the perfect little black dress!  Yes I know they are a classic and I have more than one in my wardrobe already but I don't seem to have found the one yet. I want one I will come back to time and time again without thinking there must be something better out there.  I was browsing the vast collection of pretty dresses on the John Lewis site and spotted this one by Jaeger.  I know I have become obsessed with the brand recently but the quality and sales prices make it impossible not to!  I hadn't noticed it on the Jaeger website as the print isn't as obvious, it is covered in a little daisy print and is totally beautiful. If you want a better view of the print click on the link below and have a zoom.  Fingers crossed it will be mine come the sales!

I got a little bit excited when I saw this Little Mistress dress.  It is the same as this one and I love how it looks in black.  Unfortunately for me it is part of the Little Mistress Curvy Collection and comes in sizes 18-24.  I had no idea Little Mistress had introduced a curve range, it's still quite small but is full of lovely party dresses.  Fingers crossed it will also be available in their main collection too.

I have a bit of a thing about texture and I love the texture of this knitted dress especially when combined with the sleek leather of the waistband.  It's a good length, had sleeves and is the perfect shape - a box ticker!  Doesn't say if it has pockets though ;)

 Dress: asos

Does your wardrobe contain the perfect little black dress or have you spotted one you think I might love?  Let me know in the comments!



  1. I bought that exact dress the other day and had no idea how to style it! J saves the day!

  2. I have a long sleeved body con velvet black dress from Zara that I bring out when i'm having a wardrobe panic!


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