Thursday, 15 August 2013

Through The New Home Keyhole - Utility Room

I haven't quite finished the tour of our new home.  I still have Gray's office, our garage gym and maybe what we have done to the garden to share after this post.  I feel really sad admitting I was so happy when I realised I would be getting a separate utility room in our new home.  After having a washer/dryer and nothing else in the flat it is such a luxury.  I really, really hate ironing but it's not as annoying now I can save a bit of time and leave the ironing board up ready for action. 

We've given it a coat of paint, added a few prints and a new blind.  I really want to get the boiler boxed in as it's not pretty to look at, that's something on the still to do list for now though!

Before and After: 

I try to avoid this spot as often as possible ;)  I am hoping that by keeping my 'needs ironing pile' hanging up Gray might get the hint and iron them all for me!

I found these prints on Etsy, I was looking for something simple and thought they would brighten the room up.

Just in case I forget what this room is for...

This laundry basket is fab!  I was carrying individual items out to hang on the line and it was taking me ages to get it all out.  Now I can just stick it all in this basket and it has halved the time.  I think it looks pretty funky too.  Having a washing line is still a lovely novelty, there is nothing like bed sheets fresh off the line.

Laundry Basket: The Cotswold Company*

These six dresses really need ironing... any volunteers?!

I'll pay in cake!



  1. I'm envious of your ironing board! I don't even have one because there isn't enough space to store it in our tiny flat. Instead I just use a tea towel on my kitchen side (although to be honest, I very rarely iron anything, just shirts!). Looks lovely though!

  2. I love your basket and those prints. I still have the biggest ironing pile left from my holiday. I'm quite lucky though - my husband does most of our ironing whilst I spend hours planning lessons on a Sunday, now it's the school holidays and its over to me the pile just keeps growing - oops!

  3. HE HE - love your pictures on the wall & it looks so organised! As a recent homeowner I am keen to do some more DIY posts on before & after pics!

    Would love for you to pop over to mine and have a look at my latest grunge inspired posts :)


    Charlie xxx

  4. Lovely! Congratulations on moving into your new home. I adore your dresses, especially the red one with the anchors!

  5. One of the main things I'm looking for when we buy a house next year is a utility room - so I totally get your excitement. I write this in the living room of my flat surrounded by drying washing!!


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