Saturday, 3 August 2013

Make Up Storage

Those who know me and have stepped inside my house will confirm that everything has it's place and I am not one for clutter.  Unfortunately this hasn't always extended to my bedside table.  I am quite naturally lazy so want everything I need to put my face on within easy reach but hate having it all stacked up making mess.  I have tried keeping it in a box but it didn't work for me, I needed a huge box to fit everything in and it all got mixed up easily due to the lack of compartments.  I have now found the perfect solution with this large toiletry bag by Kipling bags.  It is large enough for me to store my make up, skin care and hair products in and I can slip it in between my beside table and chair (and still reach it without actually having to get out of bed ;) )

The bag has three compartments, one of which is removable.  I have used this for my make up, the next compartment for hair products and the final compartment for skin products and it still has room to add shampoo and shower gel when I need to use it to travel.

Kipling Large Toiletry bag: Bagable*

Non beauty bloggers (I only have a small amount of products!) how do you store the products you use daily?


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  1. That's a cool bag, very handy with the different compartments. I always ending up taking about three different makeup bags with me when I have a night away!

    Raffles Bizarre Blog


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