Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lets Talk Coats

Yeah I know, it's still summer and really not coat weather yet but A/W stock has started flooding the new arrivals sections of my favourite websites and it is making me want to start the hunt for my perfect coat all over again.  I found my perfect coat back in about 2008 and have been waiting for something to come close ever since or even for Warehouse to make the same style in a different fabric.  But they haven't so my search continues.  The coat of my dreams is also the reason I first bumped into Sarah on the internet whilst shouting out my love of it to whoever would listen.  We bonded because of this coat and once we moved onto Twitter became friends so maybe this is too much pressure to put onto any other coat?!

I'm sure I have built it up more than it deserves seeing as it is now pretty tatty with torn lining.  But the weight and shape of the coat is perfect.  I didn't ever wear it done up as in this picture, the neckline falls just right when open.  

I have had a look round to see what is available and come up with a kinda wishlist.  My hunt still continues because nothing is quite right.  Warehouse, if you are reading this please help a girl out!  I know Sarah would snap it up too!!

This dress from Miss Selfridge is the closest I have been able to find.  It's a bit short and not the right fabric though but if I cannot find what I am looking for it's the next best thing.

I am in love with the colour of this coat from Serene Order.  I really wanted a purple coat from H&M Trend last winter but couldn't find it anyway in a size bigger than an 8.  I love purple and especially this shade of purple.  The shape isn't what I am looking for unfortuantely.

Finally this one is making me swoon!  But it's by Ted Baker so the price is also making me feel a bit weak at the knees...  If the sleeves were full length I would be seriously consider it but as it is it's too expensive and too impractical.  BUT OH SO PRETTY!

Coat: Ted Baker

Do you have a thing about coats like me or do you think I am mental?!



  1. I love that shade of purple too. It's beautiful. Are very similar to your blog layout;)

  2. That ted baker coat is adorable. I still regret never buying that tartan warehouse coat and I still sometimes search for it on eBay all these years later! I've already been searching for maternity coats but I've had no look fortunately I have a massive topshop coat that I think will accommodate my bump even in the larger stages. X

  3. Love the Ted Baker coat very elegant and classy.
    Little Blonde Life

  4. The Ted Baker coat really is lovely, there's a very similar one in Primark's Autumn/Winter collection but I have no idea what the quality would be like. I love Winter coats, really want to find a dark green one this year.

  5. I always end up searching so hard to find a good coat. I think I always have an idea in my head that no one has made that season. I do like the Miss S one :)


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