Thursday, 29 August 2013

In bloom

One of the reasons Gray really wanted to move to a house was to have our own little garden.  I on the other hand I really am not a garden kinda girl.  It's usually too hot for me in the summer so I prefer to sit inside away from the sun.  Gray kept to his side of the bargain and has been mowing and strimming the lawn as promised but I have somehow become addicted to flowers and keep adding them.  I am blown away by their beauty and how much they can transform in just a day.  Nature truly is wonderful.  I haven't been blessed with green fingers and not all the plants you will see below have survived my care... I would like to think I am learning though!

Next spring we plan to sort the garden out, Gray wants to shape the lawn and add some flower beds rather than just having all the pretties stuck in pots on the patio.  I can see I will be spending hours dead heading flowers and making sure they have enough water (something I keep forgetting to do!) Apart from the clematis that was planted by the previous owner all the plants we have purchased are either purple/blue or white and I want to stick to this theme, it is really effective.  Oh one of the hydrangeas has turned pink on me though I plan to turn it back to blue ready for next year!  I really want to get some kind of bird house like this one from Smiths Nurseries though I am a bit scared of birds so would be happier if it was for decoration only!

We have purchased and painted all the furniture we need and you're all very familiar with our little shed by now so plants will be our main spend next year.  We do need to replace the fencing too but as the boundaries are shared with our neighbours that will need a well timed conversation first.

Any gardening tips from those with green fingers would be much appreciated.  I think I might be needing my Dad to come give me some advice!!



  1. Apparently a teaspoon in the soil will make him blue again :-)

  2. Apparently a teaspoon in the soil will make him blue again :-)

  3. I love your pots with all the purple in. I've not got any tips I'm afraid. I leave all the gardening to by husband who has far more time off than I do! I did get him a great book about a year ago which goes through each month if the year and good things to do in each month. I can't remember what it's called but he's found it useful. X

  4. Love your post! So interesting!
    -Your newest follower on GFC

    Letters from The Vintage Club

  5. I love this, so gorgeous. I adore your shed & I love the watering can- I have one like it in a bucket (that just sits on the table as we don't have a garden YET!) XX


  6. Love your shed- what colours have h used to paint it?

    1. Can't remember the names unfortunately but they were defo from the Cuprinol garden shades range.


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