Friday, 23 August 2013

Dress of Dreams

I haven't had the chance to wear this dress yet, since I bought it it's just been way too hot.  Very inconvenient don't you think?!  I ended up wearing it to work, shocking really but it was the only place I could guarantee I would stay cool enough.  It is honestly a gorgeous dress made from silk and 'power mesh' it drapes beautifully.  And it has hidden pockets, pretty perfect.  I managed to snap it up in the sale and although it was still expensive (to me) I am really glad I took the plunge.  The dress retailed at £399 and I managed to pick it up for £120, a huge saving but still over my usual budget.  Again I think this dress will look fab with black tights and I can't wait to give it a chance to shine by wearing it on a night out.  

Dress: Antipodium
Shoes: Clarks*

There is only one problem with silk dresses, there is no weight to them!  It wasn't a particularly windy day yet capturing the above snaps was a total mission as the out-takes below confirm.  I did have a little sulk.

How do you guys cope with the weather?! There is now way I am going to be doing outfit clothes when it gets cold without a coat on! haha



  1. Love your face, love this dress, love it all. You can see that it's really good quality, well worth the price tag x

  2. Oh wow, isn't it a beauty, what a dreamy dress! Love the shape and the cut, you look amazing! Last photo made me smile :) xo

  3. Haha your facial expressions - so cute! <3
    That dress does look great on you x

  4. Haha so cute!

    This post is not helping my bank balance!! x

  5. This is such a gorgeous dress, well worth the extra pennies. It looks like one of those dresses that you could live in whatever the season. SMART buy!

  6. This dress is beautiful, it looks lovely on you!

    Maria xxx


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