Monday, 5 August 2013

Daisy, daisy

Quite some time ago (not sure exactly when but at least a year ago!) I decided I was no longer going to buy clothing from Primark.  Sure it's cheap but the quality and fit are terrible and whenever clearing out my wardrobe Primark items never make the cut.  They are an instant fix that will never become cherished.  I decided that for the price of 4 or 5 Primark dresses I would rather have one lovely dress that keep my attention and become well loved.  This changed when photos of this dress kept popping up in my instagram feed, I love pink and red together and decided that if the dress fitted well then it was worth breaking my 'rule' for.  And I am glad my head was turned, this dress although not made from the best of fabrics, fits well and hopefully won't be in the next charity shop bag!

The print is a mix of red and pink daisies on a cream background which is also covered in black dots so I decided to team it with a black cardigan and my new favourite Chie Mihara shoes.  I still haven't decided if they are adorable ankle boots or super shoes, either way they are rocking my world!

Dress: Primark
Cardigan: M&S (old)
Shoes: Chie Mihara*

What do you think, ankle boots or shoes?!  



  1. Even though I dislike mixture of orange and pink colours, I really wanted this dress. But when I tried it on the fit was just BAD. Then I tried on one for £5 and it was perfect! ;)

  2. I think they're shoes, not quite chunky enough to be considered boots.
    They are lovely either way!
    And the dress is really cute, I haven't been to Primark in quite a while, but may have to keep an eye out for it when I next do.

  3. You never know with Primani, sometimes taking two of the same dress to the fitting room is a good idea. One can be a better fit. I have some super flattering dresses from there :) X0X0

  4. Ibought this dress for my holiday and on me it fits perfectly, I normally find the dresses are too short!

    Love the shoes, definitely shoes & not boots xx

  5. I always try to put this rule on myself! Damn tempting Primark. Their dresses always shrink :( Hope this one stays good!

  6. This really suits you! Such a shame about the poor fit, that's the thing with Primark - I don't buy dresses from there because of this reason, no matter how much of a bargain it is xx

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  8. It's not too short but it's really so cute ...

  9. You are looking lovely in this printed dress. This type of floral western dresses are become popular in summer.

  10. Cant believe this dress is from Primark. You should a print so well Sarah

  11. I would never believe that this is from Primark, it is lovely!

    Maria xxx


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