Friday, 30 August 2013

Meet Abigail

I know I am pretty fickle when it comes to declaring my love to a dress but I would like to think I am also pretty faithful when it comes to the style of dresses I go for.  I do know what suits my shape and I have learnt how to make the most of it through clever dressing, well at least I hope you'll agree that I have!   It's not that often that I put a dress on and think 'Wow!' usually it's a 'that's nice' or 'yep that works on me' but when I met Abigail I had a wow moment.  This dress just so incredibly flattering on my shape and makes me feel really good, something that should be celebrated!  The cut is just perfect, it skims over the bits I would like to hide whilst neatly nipping me in at the waist and the wide boat neck helps make me look like I have shoulders.  The skirt hangs beautifully and the fabric is nice and silky to touch.  The length is spot on and there are pockets.   God bless the pocket.  I love this dress so much I have also bought the other two fabric ways that are currently available. 

I decided to keep the accessories neutral this time round and have gone for a navy cardigan and shoes.  I think it would look equally good teamed with white, yellow or red.  I still haven't found the perfect red cardigan though which is really bugging me now!  I can see Abigail coming out to play often, perfect for work, play and night time fun!

Cardigan: New Look
 Shoes: Chie Mihara

I am thinking of digging out some red tights ready for autumn to go with this.  I really want to wear a few pairs of coloured tights this year rather than just sticking to black all the time... I couldn't wear black ones with this either, still have a phobia of mixing navy with black even though these shoes are navy with black spots.  Silly I know and something I have tried working on!  I must mention this in every post, I cannot wait to get back in opaque tights and not have to worry about shaving my legs as often.  Gross I know but hey it's the truth!  I did do some research looking for safe laser hair removal at a local clinic who are offering a huge 30% discount at the moment.  I really do hate shaving my legs!

I can't wait to share the Abigail I have bought for this weekends wedding, she is a special lady!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

In bloom

One of the reasons Gray really wanted to move to a house was to have our own little garden.  I on the other hand I really am not a garden kinda girl.  It's usually too hot for me in the summer so I prefer to sit inside away from the sun.  Gray kept to his side of the bargain and has been mowing and strimming the lawn as promised but I have somehow become addicted to flowers and keep adding them.  I am blown away by their beauty and how much they can transform in just a day.  Nature truly is wonderful.  I haven't been blessed with green fingers and not all the plants you will see below have survived my care... I would like to think I am learning though!

Next spring we plan to sort the garden out, Gray wants to shape the lawn and add some flower beds rather than just having all the pretties stuck in pots on the patio.  I can see I will be spending hours dead heading flowers and making sure they have enough water (something I keep forgetting to do!) Apart from the clematis that was planted by the previous owner all the plants we have purchased are either purple/blue or white and I want to stick to this theme, it is really effective.  Oh one of the hydrangeas has turned pink on me though I plan to turn it back to blue ready for next year!  I really want to get some kind of bird house like this one from Smiths Nurseries though I am a bit scared of birds so would be happier if it was for decoration only!

We have purchased and painted all the furniture we need and you're all very familiar with our little shed by now so plants will be our main spend next year.  We do need to replace the fencing too but as the boundaries are shared with our neighbours that will need a well timed conversation first.

Any gardening tips from those with green fingers would be much appreciated.  I think I might be needing my Dad to come give me some advice!!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday Wants

I am off to the wedding of our Best man Tom and his lovely bride to be this weekend so this weeks wishlist has this in mind.  As you all already know I don't need an excuse to buy a new dress but there is no better excuse than a friends wedding.  I was planning on wearing this dress but wore it out for Gray's birthday instead so that meant I needed a new one ;)  The invite also requests guests to wear either a hat or fascinator and unfortunately I do not have any to go with a navy dress but I do have several black ones which would look ace with any of these dresses

Ted Baker always make beautiful dresses and this one caught my eye, unfortunately it's a bit out of my budget.   I love the mix of colours and that the dress is kind of floral but kind of not floral at the same time, the best kind of floral in my opinion!  Ted Baker always make such pretty dresses and one day there will be one in my wardrobe!

I adore this dress, it would look amazing with black accessories, simple and chic - the best possible combination.  I am thinking of wearing a simple beret type fascinator and that would have worked so well with this dress, unfortunately it's not available in my size so it has to stay on my wishlist.  Adding it onto my eBay searches too though. Fingers crossed!

Dress: Coast

This led me to this beauty from Emily & Fin.  She is called Abigail and isn't she a looker?!  If I am honest this is the dress I really, really wanted but didn't think would be available in time.  I managed to track it down to Kiki's Boutique on Monday and quickly placed an order.  It will be arriving some time today and I am bloody excited! I bought the navy polka dot version from Aspire Style last week and it has already made it to the top of my favourite Emily & Fin dresses.  Sssshhh don't tell the Lucy I said that!  I cannot wait for it to arrive and to wear it on Saturday.

Do you always buy a new dress for a wedding or do you rock one of your favourites?


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Scratch Spots

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this outfit with you or not, I am just not sure about it.  I love the pattern of the dress but even in a size 10 it is just too big round the waist and not that flattering IRL, I actually think it looks better in the photos.  Even though it's described as a tea dress it's probably meant to be a bit smock like but we all know my feelings on me in smocks. Urgh.  I don't think the monochrome Converse are helping either.  I do love them but think they are better off being kept for autumn when I can rock them with some black opaques.  I keep mentioning tights, I am getting so exciting that Autumn is now within reach.  I need to be able to wear my amazing new coat really soon! 

 Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: New Look
Converse: Office

To take away from the 'meh' outfit I've included a snap of my current favourite flowers, the hydrangea.  I picked these two plants up for about £3 each, isn't that amazing!  They are so pretty.  Cannot wait to sort out some flower beds in our garden next year and get these planted.  There are some huge hydrangea plants that look like bushes they are so big round the corner from my house and I want to recreate that.  Except they are pink and I will be working hard making sure mine stay blue (did you know you can change them from pink to blue?!)

Yay for a four day week!


Friday, 23 August 2013

Dress of Dreams

I haven't had the chance to wear this dress yet, since I bought it it's just been way too hot.  Very inconvenient don't you think?!  I ended up wearing it to work, shocking really but it was the only place I could guarantee I would stay cool enough.  It is honestly a gorgeous dress made from silk and 'power mesh' it drapes beautifully.  And it has hidden pockets, pretty perfect.  I managed to snap it up in the sale and although it was still expensive (to me) I am really glad I took the plunge.  The dress retailed at £399 and I managed to pick it up for £120, a huge saving but still over my usual budget.  Again I think this dress will look fab with black tights and I can't wait to give it a chance to shine by wearing it on a night out.  

Dress: Antipodium
Shoes: Clarks*

There is only one problem with silk dresses, there is no weight to them!  It wasn't a particularly windy day yet capturing the above snaps was a total mission as the out-takes below confirm.  I did have a little sulk.

How do you guys cope with the weather?! There is now way I am going to be doing outfit clothes when it gets cold without a coat on! haha


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday Wants

I was only grumbling on twitter the other day that I have been finding asos own brand a bit 'meh' recently and what do they do in response? Add two dresses that are AMAZING. Fair play asos, great come back.

The first one is going to get all you cat loving ladies going crazy.  The fabric is immense.  I am not sure how great it will look on me being smock like with a really high waist but I am no doubt going to have to give in and order it just in case.  I'm expecting to see this dress on every blog soon.

Dress: asos

This is another one of those transitional dresses that would look great now but even better come autumn with a pair of black opaques.  I would love to wear it with a pair of lime green tights but am not sure many people can rock lime legs, guess it's better than looking like a Simpson with yellow tights.  Why are coloured tights so difficult to pull off without looking like a cartoon character?!

Dress: asos

It feels like I have been waiting for this Emily and Fin collection for the longest time.  I snapped up the SS Lucy dresses way too early so have had to make do with buying cast offs on eBay in the mean time.  I am planning to go buy this one in my lunch break today.  What was I saying about yellow tights?! Would look fab with this, haha!  So many other beautiful Lucy dresses to come this season, I can't wait!

What's hit your shopping basket this week?


Monday, 19 August 2013

Magic Mushrooms

This dress makes me happy!  It might not be to everyones taste but who the heck cares?!  Not me.  I am a sucker for a funky print and even though I won't even entertain the idea of the slimy slugs on my dinner plate I can't get enough of this print. 

I actually prefer this one to the bird version I bought, the colours are so pretty and the whole thing is just adorable.  I am getting gushy over some mushrooms.  Send help.  Unfortunately the dress is currently sold out on the website but there is a skirt version if you're desperate. 

Dress: Cath Kidston
Shoes: Clarks*
Necklace: oNecklace*

I'm wearing a gold plated name necklace from oNecklace.  The quality is lovely and the shipping was really quick.  I opted for a 16" chain so it sits quite high, I prefer them this length.  I got a bit confused when a stranger called me by my name the other day til I realised I was wearing it round my neck... doh! 


Friday, 16 August 2013


Not the most flattering of outfits from me today but I needed something that wouldn't distract from the amazing bag I cannot wait to share with you.  I have been using it for the past week and I cannot believe how many comments it has got!  People coming up to me in the supermarket to comment on it, the dentist saying how cool it is - you get the idea!

The team at JumpFromPaper contacted and asked me if I would like to review one of their bags.  I had a look on their website and it hurt my little head!  I just couldn't figure out if they were real bags or drawings of the bags.  I needed to see one in real life to understand it all.  I went for the Alice which is just so cute!  I love the colours and obviously the polka dots.  I also love the jazz and cheese bags.  They retail between $60-110 and they ship to the UK, get one.  You won't regret it!

I forgot to take a picture but JumpFromPaper are too cool to actually use paper, they sent me the loveliest note written on acrylic.  How cool is that?!  You can see the front of it on this instagram photo.  Amazed.

Shoes: Clarks*

I picked up this Jaeger Boutique dress from asos for a whole £24.  It's quite a bit too big - I think I have now finally learnt that I do not need a size 12 in their dresses.  Hopefully my Mum will be able to alter this one as it is fab for work and such a lovely shade of red.  I have teamed it with my most comfy pair of Clarks heels.  This dress touches my knee so I need a good heeled court shoe to help me carry it off.

To help you figure out how the hell this bag works I have taken a few snaps from different angles.  You can't fit that much in them unless you unzip them to make the bottom wider.  I fit a bit of make up, my purse, my card holder, my phone and keys in it with no problems.  I would say I can fit the same amount in it as I can my Brit-Stitch satchel but I don't carry much around with me anyway.

Isn't it just so cute?!  I LOVE it!!


Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Cotswold Company - A Giveaway

Earlier today I published a post on my utility room, in it is a rather fab laundry basket from The Cotswold Company.  The fab news is they haven't just sent me a great gift, they have offered me something rather special to giveaway to one of you guys.  I think it's pretty special and best thing is you get a choice of colour.  Hardest thing is deciding.  Today the yellow is my favourite, tomorrow who knows?!

You win one cushion in your choice of either yellow, teal or grey.

To enter you need to use the Rafflecopter widget below.  You need to do the first four in order to enter, the extra entries are optional but the more you do the more chance you have.

1. Follow a million dresses via GFC
2. Leave a comment below.  Let me know what colour you would like to win, please don't be rude and just comment with the colour!
3. Follow The Cotswold Company on twitter
4. Send out a little tweet. Something like this would be good - Fancy winning a funky @CotswoldCo cushion? Enter @amilliondresses giveaway at
5. You can also like The Cotswold Company on Facebook
6. And on Pinterest, there are lots of lovely inspiring homeware photos
The giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes on Friday 23rd at 6pm

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Through The New Home Keyhole - Utility Room

I haven't quite finished the tour of our new home.  I still have Gray's office, our garage gym and maybe what we have done to the garden to share after this post.  I feel really sad admitting I was so happy when I realised I would be getting a separate utility room in our new home.  After having a washer/dryer and nothing else in the flat it is such a luxury.  I really, really hate ironing but it's not as annoying now I can save a bit of time and leave the ironing board up ready for action. 

We've given it a coat of paint, added a few prints and a new blind.  I really want to get the boiler boxed in as it's not pretty to look at, that's something on the still to do list for now though!

Before and After: 

I try to avoid this spot as often as possible ;)  I am hoping that by keeping my 'needs ironing pile' hanging up Gray might get the hint and iron them all for me!

I found these prints on Etsy, I was looking for something simple and thought they would brighten the room up.

Just in case I forget what this room is for...

This laundry basket is fab!  I was carrying individual items out to hang on the line and it was taking me ages to get it all out.  Now I can just stick it all in this basket and it has halved the time.  I think it looks pretty funky too.  Having a washing line is still a lovely novelty, there is nothing like bed sheets fresh off the line.

Laundry Basket: The Cotswold Company*

These six dresses really need ironing... any volunteers?!

I'll pay in cake!


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